Chris Gale

Associate Director - Delivery and Data

Chris joined Holiday Extras in September 2003 as email marketing data miner. He was one of the six people in the first dedicated web team. Chris implemented a customer email marketing strategy which created a new channel for the business - in 2003 Holiday Extras had an email database of 250,000 emails - now there's an email team looking after over five million email addresses, responsible for around 20% of our direct business.

Chris continued to work with the web team to build a firm foundation for new web platforms; flexibility of the control of our websites; and booking platforms, SEO and SEM strategies. As web development manager, Chris grew the web team to 80 people within two years; delivering the basis of the web platform that we use today. Then Chris created a new team of seven PPC executives with the introduction of Google Adwords - he became head of web search and marketing in 2006.

In 2008, Chris looked after the project management team and re-assumed the responsibility for the development team as senior head of web development and delivery. Since May 2011, Chris has been an associate director, assisting the executive directors and CEO in driving the business forward to meet its visions and strategies.

Life before Holiday Extras

Chris spent seven years with Eurotunnel where he worked as an IT trainer for both the UK and French sides of the business. He was also part of a major IT software and infrastructure migration roll-out. Chris continued to be part of a new e-commerce team (initially made up of 10 people) set up in 2000 when Eurotunnel made major step changes in turning the business to an online ticket sales business - and became the web developer for

Chris' previous eight years' expertise in Information Technology training, e-commerce, web development and implementation has proved a valuable asset to the Holiday Extras team.

Life outside of work

Chris enjoys fast cars, playing with code and keeping up-to-date with web technologies.

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

Christmas away with my parents and sister.  Preferably somewhere warm and a bit of culture.


Clever stuff on the web. Evolution of web technologies, scripting, radical ideas that I can make happen!