Matthew Pack

Group Chief Executive Officer

As the son of company founder Gerry Pack, Matthew has Holiday Extras in the blood, working on software for the business even at college. Matthew's official Holiday Extras career began in 2002 when he worked part-time as a consultant.

His background in information systems and the internet, as well as first-hand experience of travelling the world, led Matthew to create his vision of Holiday Extras as the home of hassle-free travel with an all-encompassing focus on customer technology; moving away from a purely product-driven business.

Matthew became a director of Holiday Extras in 2005 and was part of the team that led the management buyout of the company that year. He was CEO of Holiday Extras from December 2009 to January 2015 - He stepped into the role of Group CEO at the end of January 2015.

Life before Holiday Extras

Despite eating, drinking and sleeping Holiday Extras from an early age, Matthew managed to squeeze in studies at Cambridge Business College and Bournemouth University, emerging with a Diploma in Business from Oxford University and a BSc in Information Systems Management. Following a university placement at British Airways; travels around the world; and his first job as technical project manager at online travel pioneer,; Matthew was ready to come home.

Real life

Matthew is addicted to adrenalin sports and can be found snowboarding, skiing and windsurfing whenever he gets the chance.

Matthew is married with a daughter and two sons.

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

It has to start with Meet and Greet parking; no queues; a direct flight - on time with great service and food; car hire without the forms to fill the other end; plenty to do, quality service and people understanding the needs of my children. It's the little things in life that make all the difference - like the children getting fed first before the adults get their food. And of course, plenty of wind and not too many people.


Lots of the books I read, the amazing people I work with and other businesses that are breaking new ground. People who seem to be able to take a lot of flack and carry on - for example the Prime Minister - and those who show determination; and my children and wife, naturally.