Steve Lawrence Group CEO

Steve Lawrence - Group Chief Executive Officer for Holiday Extras

After graduation Steve spent four years with Esso, then 10 years in management consultancy, establishing two operations associated with accounting practices.

In this capacity, Steve worked with central government departments, though it was his work with medium-sized owner-managed businesses that often seemed more interesting, fun and rewarding. His assignment with ABC in 1993, when they were turning over just £4m, turned out to be the beginning of a much longer relationship.

In 1994, Steve joined Holiday Extras (then ABC) as marketing director. Over the following two years he took on responsibility for the insurance business, then the Call Centre and in 1998 he became managing director.

After the management buy-out at the end of February 2005 he became chief executive officer. In October 2007 Steve headed up an acquisition of one of our competitors, BCP. And in December 2009, as Holiday Extras once again looked to the future with a major restructure, Steve took on the role of Group CEO of the entire Holiday Extras business portfolio.

Steve is dynamic, energetic and a natural motivator. He insists work has to be fun (well most of the time). Steve is a strategist, but likes strategy to be interpreted into action.

As a man of action, Steve is often seen cycling to and from work and whenever he can, gets involved in the many office 'playtime' activities. Other activities include windsurfing, ski-ing and walking.

He is married to Rhona and has two teenage sons, Oli and Ben.