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Airport hotel reviews

  • Sofitel

    Drinks in bar extremely expensive

    Mr Messervy 23 Sep, 2016

  • Cambridge Vintage Room

    I wasn't that confident that my car would be safely stored for the two week period. The vehicles were really crammed into the parking area, and were obviously moved around quite a bit during that period. My car was parked underneath a tree, so the only thing I experienced was 'heavy' bird droppings on the paintwork and the windscreen. Not serious, but not much fun having to clean it off before driving away.

    Mr Duggan 23 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Every thing was great,the staff were very helpful, location great for a early departure.

    Mrs Baker 23 Sep, 2016

  • Copthorne Effingham

    All fine but the the price at the bar are very high
    £7.00 for a wine you could get a bottle at for that

    Mrs Cook 22 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    No surprises, everything worked as it should. Thank you!

    Mr Brown 23 Sep, 2016

  • The info on your website re the Copthorne was out of date. There were no buses there from the airport. We waited for one but had to ring a taxi company instead when one failed to turn up. Staff at hotel were very helpful and we had a wonderful meal after arriving on the night before our onward travel. Would definitely recommend this hotel.

    Ms Sharman 23 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Room was clean and modern but there was a dripping noise all night as there was a leak from ceiling. Woke up to a wet carpet by the door.

    Mr Brudenell 22 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth

    Everything went to plan. The staff were helpful and courteous.

    Mrs Barton 22 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    I failed to acknowledge the noisy air conditioning that would come with a sound proofed room so no sleep was had.
    The hotel was large and unfriendly the bar and restaurant were like a canteen and the prices were exhorbitant whilst the quality was poor terrible night terrible meal terrible drinks in fact we left everything doubt the staff even noticed

    Mr Smith 22 Sep, 2016

  • Europa

    No parking available - was told by hotel staff to park on the road. Hotel was very outdated and smelled of mould. Had to park our car in a bush as was only available space adter 4 trips round the car park.

    Mr Hendry 22 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Not cheap but so comfortable and convenient. Takes the stress out of catching that very early plane

    Mrs Donachie 23 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Everything was fine - efficient, friendly staff. It would be nice to have fresh air in the rooms - the heating/air conditioning is impossible to set to avoid unnecessary heat and fan noise.

    Mrs Fazikas 22 Sep, 2016

  • Europa

    everything in the hotel was fine. COuld be doing with more parking areas

    Mr Howarth 22 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Thank you we were treated very well.

    Mrs Brock 22 Sep, 2016

  • Arora

    Always use holidayExtras

    Mrs Jones 22 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Very pleased with the ease and efficiency we received on our arrival. We would definitely use this service again.

    Mr Knight 22 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Was a bit annoyed that there was limited seating in the restaurant and that we had to wait for a table due to a large conference being held at the same day. Would have been very helpful if the hotel had alerted us to this on our arrival. They kept selling dinner vouchers to other guests and the restaurant was struggling to get them seated and had to call them to tell them to stop selling the buffet dinner to anymore guest. We had bought ours as part of the package: hotel, meet and greet and dinner. This is not a fault of holiday extras but with the Hilton itself and I would appreciate these comments being passed onto them.

    Mr Reid 22 Sep, 2016

  • Russ Hill

    Cheap, close to airport, taxi quick to pick up & affordable. Staff friendly, but room very hot, air con didn't work, hairdryer health & safety risk, sparks coming out when turned on.

    Miss Wood 22 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Did wot it said on the tin. Better than many airport offerings.

    Mr Murray 23 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Well impressed with the stay

    Mr Gollings 22 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    It was a great 1 night stay, staff excellent and great meal

    Mr Davis 21 Sep, 2016

  • Cambridge Standard Room

    Lovely hotel fantastic service

    Mrs Taylor 22 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Yes, all good, but food and drinks rather expensive.

    Mrs Newberry 22 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Excellent service the hotel was great and the parking

    Mrs Evans 21 Sep, 2016

  • Best Western Skylane

    Very satisfied with the arrangements. Staff at Best Western efficient and helpful

    Mr Fowler 21 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Everything was very good. Maybe some biscuits with tea things?

    Mrs Wells 21 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Every aspect of our travel plans went well.

    Mrs Harris 22 Sep, 2016

  • Stanhill Court

    The Hotel was better than I had expected and was a lovely surprise for my wife, thank you.

    Mr Landamore 21 Sep, 2016

  • Russ Hill

    Hotel generally ok except for room allocated. No window hot and stuffy and TV did not work. Transfer to airport excellent.

    Mr Wallwork 21 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Very expensive hotel for a short nights stay. Couldn't understand some of the staff as they had problems trying to converse in English.

    Mr Reilly 21 Sep, 2016

  • Little Foxes

    hotel clean and good for our one night stay,bit of noise from plains at night though

    Mr Venn 21 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth

    Perfect from start to finish. Hotel excellent, staff excellent.

    Mrs Flicker 21 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth

    Everything was very good

    Miss Hickman 21 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    All went pretty well and, apart from a delay in collecting the car, went as expected

    Mr Belton 21 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Very comfortable room, no hassle booking in, excellent food, looked after the car whilst we were on holiday with no problems

    Mrs Smith 21 Sep, 2016

  • Copthorne


    Mr Savage 21 Sep, 2016

  • Ramada Crawley

    The place fails to meet the basic cleanliness standards and the rooms had a very damp, musty smell along with the very strong smell of tobacco smoke. The car parking was on what can only be described as waste ground & part was rented out to a jet washing team. We would not recommend and would not stop there again.

    Mr Walker 21 Sep, 2016

  • Airport Inn

    The parking whist only for one night was virtually impossible. Sent two hours driving around looking for a space outside but could see emptycarspaces within the hotel area

    Mr Williams 21 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Everything was fine no problems.

    Mr Kirton 21 Sep, 2016

  • Copthorne with parking at the hotel

    everything was perfect

    Mrs Metherell 21 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Hotel great for overnighter prior to flying, car parking good, no problems. Car parking handled smoothly, very simple & would use again.

    Mr Watts 21 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    We've stayed at the Marriott Courtyard several times before flying from Gatwick, and always enjoy the stay.

    Mr Broadhurst 21 Sep, 2016

  • Ramada Crawley

    Everything was smooth and the hotel was very well located. It was just a shame it was a little shabby and run down and smelled funny. The staff were very good though

    Mr Raven 21 Sep, 2016

  • Stanhill Court

    Bit caotic with the parking. Staff were helpful. Facilities were adequate.

    Ms Saunders 21 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    The parking was dreadful - I have sent an email of complaint

    Mrs Arbenz 18 Sep, 2016

  • Best Western Skylane

    The meal in the restaurant was not a pleasant experience. We, like everyone else, had to wait ages for our meal. The food was just about average. The service was non existant. With no mention of service charge on the menu they added 10% to the bill. We asked them to remove it and they did.
    As the car parking was obviously over subscribed we were asked to park at the long stay car park before our flight and that turned out to be a bonus.
    The bedroom was average.

    Mr Foster 18 Sep, 2016

  • Europa

    Lovely hotel, good food. Good value for money

    Mrs Green 18 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Quieten noisy air conditioner fan

    Mr Davison 18 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Everything was OK, we waited at the Sofitel for a long time on arrival - but the weather was atrocious and eventually someone turned up.

    Mr Kenny 18 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    The room was lovely. A nice comfy bed. We had a buffet meal but both my husband and myself had upset stomachs that night and the following day.

    Mrs Smith 16 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Very good but was very slow returning car for collection

    Mr Parker 16 Sep, 2016

  • Copthorne Effingham

    Everything went as planned. Hotel was good, staff were helpful and pleasant,airport lounge excellent, transfer taxi s were good and on time, perfect. Had a great holiday. Recommend this service, will definitely book holiday extras next time.

    Mr Brownlie 16 Sep, 2016

  • Crowne Plaza

    I thought hotel was nearer the airport so this could have been explained better but everything else was fine

    Mr Mulcahy 16 Sep, 2016

  • All was excellent. The staff could not have been more helpful

    Mrs Bower 16 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Everything went well, good food, service and tranquil location.

    Mr Devenport 16 Sep, 2016

  • Hilton

    Everything was perfect

    Miss Blake 16 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth

    Excellent hotel

    Mrs Southern 16 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Everything went as planned. Made start to holiday stress free and relaxing.

    Mr Hughes 14 Sep, 2016

  • Sandman Signature

    Booked early call at reception did not receive swimming closed for maintence

    Mr Bartrop 14 Sep, 2016

  • Arora

    Everything perfect

    Mrs Kemp 14 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Absolutely brilliant service

    Ms Flack 14 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    All went smoothly from the parking if the car and checking in. Room was comfortable. Being a short 2 minute walk from the terminal made such a difference on the morning of our flight.

    Mrs Gray 14 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Yes all very good, staff were lovely. Room a bit noisy but expected as people leaving all times for flights

    Miss Caine 12 Sep, 2016

  • Stanhill Court

    All was as described, staff were really helpful. Would stay again and recommend the hotel

    Mr Ifill 12 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Hotel up to our satisfaction. Receptionists very friendly and helpful. But no one mentioned that our car would be moved. So would be nice to mention this.

    Mr Laniyan 03 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    I just wish the room had not been on the same floor as the top of the multi storey car park! As we were only overnighting I did not ask for a change of floor.

    Mrs Whitney-Long 03 Sep, 2016

  • Sandman Signature

    Good value. Lovely hotel. Excellent friendly service in the hotel bar. Good quality food. A brilliant start to the holiday. Quick efficient parking. We would highly recommend.

    Mrs Pycroft 03 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    facilities were good . only problem was that car was parked under a tree that dripped sticky sap so was unable to clear windows properly and had to get car cleaned next day

    Mr Ward 03 Sep, 2016

  • Ramada Crawley

    room was too hot, apart from that lovely big room and very helpful staff

    Miss Freihat 02 Sep, 2016

  • Arora

    All as described very happy

    Mrs Miotti 02 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    We loved Sofitel and would love to book again for other holiday

    Mr Dicker 02 Sep, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth

    The experience at the hotel was very good regarding food, accommodation etc. Unfortunately during our holiday we received a phone call as our hand brake cable on the car was broken, which we have been told can only be done if the handbrake is left on when driven. However the hotel did resolve and pay for the repairs.

    Mrs Michaels 02 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    We enjoyed our stay at the Sofitel
    Gatwick and it was perfect for our
    needs the night before our flight.
    We have stayed and booked before
    with holiday extras and will continue the service is superb.

    Mr Hook 02 Sep, 2016

  • Arora

    The airport shuttle was every 15-30 minutes. It is now only hourly. !!!

    Mrs Cummings 02 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Rooms comfortable .... To limited and wifi expensive for the time we were there (had a very early flight) good shuttle bus service and staff very pleasant and friendly

    Mr Francis 01 Sep, 2016

  • Exactly as described. Friendly staff, nice quiet location. Good transfers.

    Mr Griffith 01 Sep, 2016

  • Russ Hill

    Yes all good

    Ms Rodriguez 02 Sep, 2016

  • Sandman Signature

    Great hotel. Location perfect for the airport. Staff were helpful and friendly. Room was great and very clean. I would stay there again.

    Miss Davies 01 Sep, 2016

  • Cambridge Standard Room

    There are two hotels in the grounds.
    Old & new.
    I was not given a choice and was placed in the old, which was the equivalent of a pub bed and breakfast.
    Parking my car was a nightmare. The new hotel has doubled the number of guests and the 'add on' field car park was full to capacity as was the original car park.
    HOWEVER, the food was excellent, and one person in particular changed our mood into tears of laughter. She was a waitress in the restaurant and her name was Marta. She was Polish, and this was only her second night.
    She was such a delight and an asset and credit to her employer.
    Would I recommend the hotel? No.

    Mr Fox-Harris 01 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Hotel was grim and the least hospitable we've ever stayed in. Two small bottles of water in the room were £3.50 each and we weren't allowed to pay by cash at the bar to get some. Ridiculous. Never again.

    Mrs Blee 01 Sep, 2016

  • Staff helpful and all ran smoothly, especially given that we returned around 3am. Would use again.

    Mr Rangecroft 01 Sep, 2016

  • White House

    Staff helpful, food fine, place looking bit tired around the edges but clean and tidy with good facilities, parking fine, trip to airport went well but there was a delay on the return pick up which was inconvenient

    Mr Hurlock 01 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Every thing was good
    No problem

    Dr Walker 01 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Everything was smooth and efficient.

    Mr Jeffrey 01 Sep, 2016

  • Everything went well smooth check in and easy parking with comfortable room and taxi transfer at the time we wanted

    Mr Ashby 01 Sep, 2016

  • Sofitel

    The hotel was lovely but they need to have a standard restaurant that severs all foods especially for children like pizza chips nuggets and burgers which are not fancy.

    Mr Bickerton 01 Sep, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    The facilties and staff were first class, and if the weather is dry it is an easy walk to south terminal.

    Mrs Sydenham 09 Aug, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    We used this service last year and was impressed with how smooth it went and this is really important to me when you don't need any extra stress when you are travelling with children!

    Mrs Sharp 11 Aug, 2016

  • Russ Hill

    Car parking fine. Hotel big disappointment- but we are judging on our experience there in the 70's

    Mr Serkis 04 Aug, 2016

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Staff very helpful. A lovely start to our holiday.

    Mrs Manning 04 Aug, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Well organised. Very quick on return.

    Mr Buchan 04 Aug, 2016

  • Holiday Inn

    Booking in was easy. Transfer to airport went smoothly. Car collection at the end of holiday was easy. Food at restaurant was good. Price of stay was very good. Only drawback was having to change rooms because of leaking air conditioning unit.

    Mr Matthews 03 Aug, 2016

  • Holiday Inn Worth


    Mr Dunford 03 Aug, 2016

  • Cambridge Standard Room

    Very nice hotel in a good location

    Mrs Cousins 04 Aug, 2016

  • Crowne Plaza

    Service was good, Hotel was fine, and the car collection and pick up worked a treat. A tad expensive maybe, but worth the convenience of collecting your car at the airport.

    Mr Jenkins 03 Aug, 2016

  • Cambridge Standard Room

    All good thanks

    Mr Hopkins 03 Aug, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Helpful staff; EXTREMELY convenient location (hotel and parking) and a fabulously comfortable bed!

    Mrs Lewsey 03 Aug, 2016

  • Sofitel

    Everything worked smoothly, hotel and parking staff worked well together to make it all happen.

    Mr Sowerby 03 Aug, 2016

  • Ramada Crawley

    Everything went great. We had a great time at Ramada Crawley & recommend to all

    Mr Tofts 03 Aug, 2016

  • Stanhill Court

    everything was perfect thank you

    Mrs Hayes 04 Aug, 2016