Corner House Hotel With Gatwick Parking

Your car will feel right at home too

The Corner House hotel at Gatwick offers on-site secured parking for guests. There's room for up to 80 cars across three on-site car parks. Or, if you prefer, we also offer packages which include parking at the airport itself.

Parking and transfers are available through the Gatwick Corner House The Gatwick Corner House has its own direct shuttlebus

Parking at the Corner House is in a large enclosed area to the side of the hotel, which is surrounded by high fences and constantly monitored by CCTV cameras. The hotel's shuttle bus will take you to the airport and pick you up when you return from holiday so you can collect your car.

Or if you prefer, you can leave your car in one of the airport's own secured car parks while you're away. You'll park at the hotel overnight, and take your car to either the Long Stay car park at the South terminal or the Long Stay car park at the North terminal in the morning. The car park's free shuttle bus will then take you to the terminal and pick you up again when you return from holiday. Both car parks are just a five-minute bus ride from check-in.