Bars at the Gatwick Ramada Crawley Hotel

Pulling pints since the 17th century

It was one of England's most important coaching inns in the 17th century, so you can be sure that the Ramada Crawley has some experience serving up a drink or two. The hotel's late-night bar, Octopvs, makes it ideal for night owls.

Exterior of the Gatwick Ramada Crawley Hotel Octopvs bar at the Gatwick Ramada Crawley Hotel Gatwick Ramada Crawley Hotel at night
  • Octopvs
  • Daily 1.30pm to 2am


This Roman-themed bar may not be what you’d expect to find inside a 17th-century coaching inn, but it’s incredibly popular with the locals. There's a party atmosphere most nights of the week.

All the usual spirits are available, as well as a few crowd-pleasing wines, but the real draw is the extensive cocktail list. It runs the gamut from classics such as a dry martini and the Moscow mule to more, ahem, innovative drinks including the karamel sutra martini and a slow comfortable screw against the wall, all mixed to order. The décor is Roman temple meets toga party; there are numerous statues dotted around the walls and a gurgling fountain by the entrance.