Gatwick Undercover Hotels

Deals on 4-star Undercover Hotels at London Gatwick

Holiday Extras' Undercover Hotels provide top quality airport accommodation at most of the major UK airports.

Holiday Extras has some fantastic deals for four-star hotels at Gatwick Airport. The hotel identity remains a mystery until you receive your confirmation email.

All the hotels are top quality and offer a high standard of comfort and service. To find an Undercover Hotel rate for your travel date, search for a Gatwick hotel as usual and then select the Undercover 4-star hotel from the search results.

Avoid the possibility of delays due to early check-in times and heavy traffic in the early morning. Take advantage of our Undercover Hotels' low prices and enjoy a hotel stay the night before your flight from Gatwick.

You could be getting more than you bargained for with these excellent deals.

To further enhance your 'holiday mood' and to add another element of luxury to your trip, book an airport lounge through Holiday Extras with prices starting from just £18.50*.

At Gatwick you can book a four star Undercover Hotel, room only from £51 and from £68 for a room that includes 8 days parking*

*Please note:These prices are correct for bookings searched on January 28, 2010. Prices are subject to change. Book in advance to get the best price and availability.