Bars at Holiday Inn Express Heathrow Terminal 5

Expect a warm reception

The Holiday Inn Express T5 isn’t really set up for heavy drinking sessions, but both restaurants will be happy to serve you up a tipple with your dinner. Tratt’s has a bar, but it’s intended to take orders to carry out, not for propping up with a drink. Your best choice, during the day or at night, is to grab a table in the Great Room bar in the lobby.

The bar at the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow T5 A wide selection at the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow T5 Enjoy a drink at the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow T5 Coffee at the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow T5

The Great Room is open 24 hours a day for drinks, with food served from noon to 10.30pm. It’s more of a cafe environment, with dining tables and low armchairs, along with a children’s area with toys and games, including an X-Box console. But day or night, it’s a pleasant place to relax with a drink.

  • Tratt’s bar
  • 6pm to 10pm
  • The Great Room bar
  • 24 hours

Both bars serve Costa Coffee - staff receive barista training from the company - a choice of red, white and rose wines, a small selection of liquors and bottled beers and soft drinks. The Great Room bar also has a small selection of beer on tap, including Guinness and Heineken.