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Enjoy a 4-star evening the night before you fly

Excellent location and facilities. Good service from reception - they booked us a taxi which was very prompt for our early flight the following morning.

Mrs Strogen
Bravo!Bravo! Comfort Inn Breakfast Heathrow Comfort Inn Meal

The Heathrow airport Park Inn is one our finest hotels and much of this is down to the fantastic food and drink. Settle into an evening at the Park Inn and you can be sure of top-notch dining and a welcoming bar that’ll really get you in the holiday spirit.

Key features

  • Bravo!Bravo! Heathrow’s first circular entertainment venue
  • Pulse Bar.Cafe.Deli showing live sports
  • 24-hr room service


Bravo!Bravo! is London’s first circular entertainment venue and offers guests a chance to enjoy a delicious dinner with an evening of entertainment. There’s an extensive buffet and full a la carte menu with dishes from seafood to steaks in chic surroundings. It’s a great place to spend an evening and guests often get up and dance into the night.


At there’s an extensive drinks menu as well as an expert mixologist on hand to create your favourite cocktails. For a few evening drinks you’ve also got the Pulse Bar that serves everything you could want in welcoming surroundings and there’s often live sport on too. It’s a fantastic place to kick back and enjoy the first night of your holiday.

Room Service

The Heathrow airport Park Inn has a huge number of rooms, all of which are spectacularly comfortable so it’s understandable if you want to spend as much time as possible in yours. With 24-hr room service you can do just that whilst selecting from a range of tasty bites.

Top tip

The Bravo!Bravo! restaurant is the perfect place to begin the holiday fun, with it’s friendly atmosphere and lively staff, prepare for an unforgettable evening.

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