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Hotel Transfers to Terminal 5

If you are traveling from Heathrow Terminal 5, have a think about your journey times and take a look at our airport hotel options. If you are flying quite early, it might be worth considering staying at a hotel the night before. This saves you getting up extra early and driving to Heathrow on the morning of your flight.

A Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel will save you from additional traveling on the day of your flight and it gives you a valuable rest so you can wake up refreshed and enjoy a hearty breakfast knowing you are just a few minutes away from Terminal 5.

It is worth checking the transfer service to Heathrow Terminal 5 before you book your hotel. Some hotels operate transfers themselves, while others use a car park transfer service. Some transfers run to the other terminals where you then have to catch the Heathrow Hopper service to Terminal 5. This will be made clear to you when you are at the hotel or parking facility but if you prefer a certain option, now is the time to check how things work.