Low prices for Stansted Airport Hotels

Room with 8 days parking from £69

If you are you flying from London Stansted airport with an early morning start? If so you may be considering an overnight stay in a hotel close to the airport. An airport stopover is a good way to begin your journey and keep you in the holiday mood. At Holiday Extras we've got some low prices on Stansted Airport hotels...

Warman's Barn House Hotel

The Warman's Barn House Hotel is a 17th Century converted barn only two miles from Stansted Airport and offers three star comfort at affordable prices. A great spot for an overnight stay:

Room with 8 days parking from £69

The Yew Tree Inn Hotel

At Holiday Extras we also offer low rates on rooms at The Yew Tree Inn :

Stansted Yew Tree hotel

Room with eight days parking from £79

These low prices mean that it's even cheaper to book an overnight stay, with or without your holiday parking, at Stansted Airport. We have an excellent selection of Stansted Airport hotels to choose from... Hotels that will suit your needs and your pocket..

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched during September, 2009. Prices are subject to change. Book your Stansted airport hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.