Heathrow Holideck Lounge Reviews

124 customers have given an average rating of 4/5
  • Fantastic service!

    Mr Jones 12 Jul, 2011

  • as usual efficient and helpful service

    Mrs Morrison 01 Jul, 2011

  • Made waiting for the flight a relaxing process, the choice of food was not great though, anyone with dietary requirements (gluten/wheat free etc) will be stuffed

    Mr Mason 17 Jun, 2011

  • Yes. Staff very helpful, atmosphere just fine. I'd do it again.

    Mr Barber 29 Jun, 2010

  • Great Holiday. Reccommend to anyone who wants activities and culture.

    Mr Guyler 23 Aug, 2010

  • spoiled at times by noisy people, otherwise fine

    Mr Gowers 05 Sep, 2010

  • Comfortable... and away from the general melee of Heathrow.

    Mr Tyas 24 Sep, 2010

  • Both the hotel and parking package (The Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow) and the Airport Lounge in Terminal 4 were excellent

    Mrs Dickman-Cooper 05 Oct, 2010

  • The only problem was on our return. We were told to go to bus stop 3. Inside the terminal is a sign saying to busstops 1-27. Outside the lowest number we could see was 15! There was no sign to the lower numbers.

    Mr Rea 13 Oct, 2010

  • very good service

    Mr Smith 22 Oct, 2010

  • Superb Service at an Astonishingly Low Price

    Mr Lowe 10 Nov, 2010

  • very good service

    Mr Losh 15 Nov, 2010

  • Deck 4 lounge was very comfortable and made for a calm, pleasant start to our journey.

    Mrs Pepper 27 Nov, 2010

  • Helpful staff

    Mr Owen 01 Jan, 2011

  • good service, good price, easy to book.

    Mr Parker 11 Jan, 2011

  • Very comfortable and well stocked with friendly helpful staff.

    Mrs Cole 12 Jun, 2011

  • really lovely way to start holiday, so much more relaxing than sitting in an uncomfortable airport lounge

    Mr Pound 25 Jan, 2011

  • Staff efficient and friendly and all was as we expected. We spent a very comfortable hour there.

    Miss Hebenton 03 Feb, 2011

  • very poor and limited selection of food

    Mr Zwager 06 Feb, 2011

  • fantastic service and a great price!

    Mrs Barnard 07 Feb, 2011

  • The booking arrangements were vey straight forward and the lounge facilities were as advertised.

    Mr Sharpe 17 Feb, 2011

  • another smooth transaction!

    Mrs Rooke 23 Feb, 2011

  • Everything exactly as stated

    Mr Walker 05 May, 2011

  • Everything went well, the parking at Terminal 4 through Click 2 Park was exceptional, and the use of the four deck lounge made a great start to our holiday.

    Mr Pearson 28 Apr, 2011

  • Excellent facilities. Made for a stress free trip.

    Mr Williams 27 Feb, 2011

  • Prices were excellent

    Mrs Bedford-Keogh 05 Mar, 2011

  • good service
    good value
    my holiday was made 5 star by the service provided by your company

    Mr Davies 07 Mar, 2011

  • much better than the last time i used the lounge, thank you

    Mr Jones 24 Mar, 2011

  • No problems at all with either the Click car park.

    Mr Davidson 04 Apr, 2011

  • No problems whatsoever, many thanks

    Mrs House 03 Apr, 2011

  • I recalled using purple parking at this location once before and was not impressed by the length of time it took to collect us upon our return. This time we had to wait over 20mins to be collected. Overall - secure location, speedy transfer to the airport, work needed on collection service.

    Mr Whittaker 01 Apr, 2011

  • The airport lounge that we booked was very cold. We needed to keep our coats on and we were not able to fully relax because of this.

    Mrs Keyte 28 Feb, 2011

  • All aspects of the booking were very good.
    Everything was as smooth as could be expected.
    Very good service & would certainly recommend Holiday Extras.

    Mr Walker 14 Feb, 2011

  • We booked the airport lounge at London Heathrow through Holiday Extras. Booking was easy and it was exactly as described on the site.

    Mr Donnison 25 Sep, 2010

  • It all went very smoothly and I was able to relax in your lounge before a long flight. Snacks and drinks were free and I was able to help myself. Thank you, would use again

    Miss Williams 19 Sep, 2010

  • The airport lounge at terminal 4 Heathrow was excellant. A perfect way to start a holiday

    Mrs Etheridge 05 Sep, 2010

  • We booked to park up to 15 days & stay one night at an unknown Heathrow Hotel online & paid ?89 , The hotel that was allocated. Normal rates displayed were ?220 per night approx, so we were pleased with that & the Hotel was good.

    Mrs Rhodes 09 Jun, 2010

  • Was very impressed, my flight was delayed over an hour at Heathrow until after 1130pm, but the lounge stayed open until our flight started boarding when it was supposed 2 close at 10pm

    Mr Laity 22 Jun, 2010

  • The lounge staff were not very informative and the coffee machind was not working; Overall a very competent service fairly good value for money; will definitely do it again.

    Mrs Frost 30 Mar, 2010

  • I found that the clearing up seemed to stop as closing time approached which was not very pleasant for those still in the lounge.

    Mr Ditzel 22 Mar, 2010

  • The Executive Lounge facilities were not satisfactory for the money I paid. The food was of substandard quality and not enough variety available, for the few hours we spent there it was cold.

    Ms White 01 Mar, 2010

  • I was pleased I booked the Airport Lounge at Heathrow it made it a stress free no hassle 2 and a half hour wait for my flight. I would totally recommend it to anyone embarking on a long haul flight.

    Mr O'donahoo 21 Feb, 2010

  • Airport lounge was a very good idea preceeding our long-distance flight. We were able to relax in comfort, with refreshments provided.

    Mrs Dunton 05 Dec, 2009

  • The first floor of the 'Holideck' Terminal 4 Heathrow was closed for refurbishment which we didn't know about. Therefore, the ground floor was extreamly busy and it was difficult to find somewhere to sit. The second floor veiwing area is all metal with a couple of stools, small area with no heating so quite cold even if you wanted to escape all the people downstairs.

    Miss Edginton 11 Nov, 2009

  • The service I have received has been of the highest standard. Helpful, well trained professional staff ensure that I will continue to use your service.

    Mrs Butt 12 Oct, 2009

  • Very good service. Some of the televisions were out of use and it was a little unclear whether we could leave and then return.
    Maybe more information prior to arrival within the lounge, or lounge staff explain once you arrive.

    Mr Stuart 09 Sep, 2009

  • Everything went really well, the lounge at airport was great, nice to relax before flight.

    Mrs Jones 11 Jul, 2009

  • Yes very good service, would travel again with this company.

    Mr Barrett 23 Apr, 2009

  • The lounge was a perfect start to a perfect holiday and a very reasonable price.

    Mr Guise 06 Dec, 2008

  • I had an extremely long stayover at Heathrow before heading off on the long flight back to Australia and to get away from the general terminal for even three hours was like arriving at an oasis - very relaxing, quiet, my choice of refreshments, etc. Glad I saw it on the internet; even happier I booked in!

    Miss Hopkins 02 Dec, 2008