Boal Parking Belfast Airport

Cheap Park and Ride
  • 173 Boal Parking ratings have an average of 86%
  • Terminal : All terminals
  • Transfer time : 5 mins
  • Distance to airport : 2.1
  • Park Mark Award : No
  • Disabled Facilities : Yes

If you're looking to brighten up parking your car before a flight with a little shopping, then Boal parking is just the right place for you. The car park is on the same site a branch of Ikea, so you can reserve yourself a new sofa while you wait for your flight. That's not even mentioning that you can avoid the traffic by parking away from the airport and catching a direct transfer bus, which is included in the price. While you're away, you can even be assured that the car park has CCTV and staff patrols keeping an eye on your car. It's so good, you'll be boaled over.

Reasons to book Boal Parking

  • • Great-value parking and let the free transfer bus navigate the traffic for you.
  • • CCTV and staff patrols will keep an eye on your car for you.
  • • Park your own car and keep your keys.
  • • Transfers run as needed, so no need to wait.

Security at Boal Parking

While you're away, your car will be monitored by CCTV and regular patrols. There's floodlighting at night and an 8-foot fence around the car park.

  • • Security barrier for restricted access
  • • CCTV coverage of the car park
  • • Full security fencing of the perimeter
  • • Security lighting over the facility
  • • Regular staff security patrols

Boal Parking Transfers

Transfers run when needed between 5am and 10pm and are free for customers.

Transfer hours: 5am to 10pm.

Disabled facilities: There are disabled space at the car park, but no wheelchair access for the transfer bus, so we wouldn't recommend this package for wheelchair users.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

Arrival: Take a ticket at the barrier, park, then catch the bus to the airport, keeping your keys. Transfers run when needed from 5am to 10pm.

Departure: When you've collected your luggage, call the number on the back of your ticket and the bus will come and pick you up from the same place you were dropped off.
Hand your confirmation to the attendant at the kiosk and he'll sign you out and raise the barrier.

Boal Parking Address

306 Airport Road West,

Longitude -5.85923
Latitude    54.62639