Mid Stay Parking Liverpool Airport

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  • 300 Liverpool Mid Stay Parking ratings have an average of 82%
  • Terminal : all
  • Transfer time : No transfers required
  • Park Mark Award : Yes
  • Keep your keys : Yes
  • Disabled Facilities : Yes

Liverpool Airport Long Stay Plus+ - an excellent new on-site car park just a four-minute walk from both departures and arrivals. It's only available to pre-booked passengers, so guarantee your Liverpool airport parking space in a location close to the terminal and avoid inconvenient long walks or shuttle buses.

Reasons to book Liverpool Mid Stay Parking

  • • Why not park even closer to the airport terminal building, keep your keys and walk straight through to the terminal building at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
    Long Stay Plus was previously known as 'Mid Stay'
  • • The car park has entry and exit barriers and a fence and holds the Park Mark security award.
  • • You park your own car and keep your keys.
  • • The automated entry system recognises your car registration, so drop-off's just that little bit quicker and smoother.
  • • No other services available.

Security at Liverpool Mid Stay Parking

This car park has been awarded the Park Mark for safer parking. Park Mark awarded parking areas are run by responsible operators who are concerned with your safety and the safety of your vehicle. The Park Mark means that you are parking in an area that has been vetted by the police to make sure the site has had measures put in place to create a safe environment.

  • • Park Mark Award for safer parking
  • • Security barrier for restricted access
  • • Full security fencing of the perimeter
  • • You are able to keep your keys

Liverpool Mid Stay Parking Transfers

The car park is within walking distance of the terminal building.

Transfer hours:

Disabled facilities: Please note that there are no dedicated disabled parking bays within the Mid-Stay car park. Drivers requiring a disabled parking bay are advised to book a space in one of the alternative on-site car parks, and pay the relevant parking fees and charges for their chosen car park.
Disabled parking bays are located in the Short Stay & Multi-Storey Car Park.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

Arrival: You should bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you to the car park.
The car park has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), so if you give us your car registration number when you book, you'll save yourself time when you get there.
Just wait at the entry barrier while the camera reads your number plate. Don't press the button for a ticket - the machine will give you one automatically once it has recognised your number plate. The ticket will have your car registration number and booking reference on. The barrier will then lift, so just drive in and park.
If the machine doesn't give you a ticket, press the intercom button and speak to a member of staff.

Departure: You don't need to go to the pay machines in the terminal. Drive to the exit barrier and put your ticket into the slot - the barrier will lift automatically. If it doesn't, press the intercom button. Make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you.

If you are delayed in returning to your car, the car park may charge you for any additional parking not covered by this package at their own rates. The minimum charge may be more than the price for all your parking through us.

Liverpool Mid Stay Parking Address

Liverpool Airport,
L24 1YD

Longitude -2.85694
Latitude    53.33815