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Birmingham Airport Departures

157 flights leaving Birmingham Airport today

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Let us help you find your flight and we can provide you with flight status, weather, airport services, destination guides, holiday checklist, baggage allowance, hand luggage sizes, airport & airline news and much more.

Flight Departure Terminal
BY7742 06:00
BY7776 06:00
CZ7805 06:00
DL9297 06:00
EY7366 06:00
KL1420 06:00
KQ1420 06:00
MT4026 06:00
SU4367 06:00
AC9606 06:05
BY7732 06:05
LH959 06:05
NH6240 06:05
UA8808 06:05
AF1869 06:35
BE3001 06:35
FR3741 06:40
FR1448 06:45
ZB970 07:00
LH2513 07:05
NH5425 07:05
ZB402 07:15
ZB496 07:30
FR663 07:50
BE1852 08:00
AF6431 08:20
BE3201 08:20
BE323 08:20
EI3701 08:35
LX421 08:40
LX421 08:40
BE1836 08:50
AC9608 08:55
LH953 08:55
UA9562 08:55
AC2463 09:00
LH7639 09:00
UA26 09:00
9W6757 09:20
AF1165 09:20
BE3003 09:20
DL8663 09:20
MK9331 09:20
MU4984 09:20
DL9414 09:25
KL1422 09:25
PS9452 09:25
SU3145 09:25
BE1858 09:40
BY770 09:55
ZB5418 09:55
FR748 10:00
BE1121 10:15
AF6494 10:35
BE404 10:35
TK1968 11:15
BE1848 11:20
BE109 11:40
U21494 11:50
EI3265 12:00
AF6406 12:10
BE192 12:10
FR665 12:15
BE847 12:20
BE1846 12:25
BE788 12:40
BY664 12:40
BE325 12:55
BE7045 13:05
AF6535 13:15
BE1844 13:15
EK40 13:25
QF8040 13:25
BE7125 13:30
CZ7811 13:40
DL9654 13:40
KL1426 13:40
LH955 13:40
LO4732 13:40
NH5868 13:40
SU4372 13:40
9W6758 13:55
AF1065 13:55
BE3007 13:55
MU8602 13:55
BE755 14:00
AF6490 14:15
BE410 14:15
BY7718 14:15
BE849 14:20
MT4022 14:35
AF6418 14:40
BE831 14:40
U2196 14:50
ZB932 15:00
ZB458 15:05
4U7331 15:15
EI273 15:15
EY7895 15:15
ZB446 15:15
ZB486 15:25
BE511 15:30
BY7762 15:30
FR667 15:50
4U9335 16:15
ZB5408 16:15
TK1970 16:30
T5430 16:40
BE851 16:45
BE1854 16:50
BE792 16:50
BE7113 16:55
FR2152 16:55
AF1769 17:25
BE3009 17:25
EY7368 17:25
KL1432 17:25
SU3147 17:25
AF6451 17:30
BE194 17:30
BE433 17:30
BE105 17:40
EY6070 17:40
FR1465 17:40
PK792 17:45
EY7276 17:50
LH5555 17:50
SN2048 17:50
LH2511 17:55
LH957 17:55
U2198 18:00
U21498 18:10
BE327 18:35
BE853 18:35
BE414 18:55
BE794 18:55
LX425 18:55
LX425 18:55
SK2536 19:15
EI277 19:20
9W6759 19:55
AF1565 19:55
BE3011 19:55
MK9339 19:55
AF6475 20:00
BE416 20:00
4U9331 20:05
AF6439 20:25
BE796 20:25
FR669 20:25
AI114 20:30
AI114 20:30
EK38 20:30
QF8038 20:30
EI3709 21:05
EI3279 21:10
EI3639 21:15

Flying from Birmingham airport? We’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly for you on the day you travel. You can check the status of all today’s flights from Birmingham airport below - or simply enter a flight number and date on the right for information. We can tell you the status of your flight, how far along its path the plane is, and even the weather and forecast at your destination. We’ve also got information about the airline you’ll be flying with and the plane you’ll be flying in, plus a list of recommended places to visit when you get to where you’re going.


Birmingham airport advises passengers to arrive at least 90 minutes before their flight leaves – check with your airline, though, as they may ask you to check in earlier. We’d say that’s an absolute minimum anyway and would probably aim for two hours to be on the safe side – especially if you’ll be going through security between about 6am and 7.30am in July, August or September, as those are the times when it is busiest. At Birmingham airport there are kiosks where you can check yourself in as well as the manned desks – many airlines also allow you to check in at home. Check-in is on the ground floor of the airport; you’ll then need to go up to the first floor for security.

Baggage allowance

The normal maximum size for a piece of hand luggage at Birmingham airport is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including wheels, handles and side pockets - some airlines impose more restrictive limits though, so do check with your provider. Large musical instruments that don’t fit into your hand luggage are allowed – they’ll be screened separately. The main restriction on hand luggage concerns liquids, which must be in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml each, and must all be packed in a transparent, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. For more information about baggage restrictions click here.

Book Birmingham airport parking and hotels

It’s never too early to start thinking about where you want to park while you’re away and whether you’d like to stay in one of our great-value airport hotels the night before you fly. We’ve got a wide range of three and four-star Birmingham airport hotels on offer, plus car parks at or just outside the airport. We also offer Meet and Greet parking where your car is collected from the terminal by a chauffeur and parked for you. Visit our Birmingham airport hotels and Birmingham airport parking pages for more information.

Dropping off passengers

You can drop passengers off in the Drop and Go area right outside the terminal - it costs £1 for 10 minutes’ access (price correct on August 21, 2013). Alternatively, you can park for free for 15 minutes in Long-Stay car park 1, which is a short bus ride or a five to ten-minute walk from the terminal.

More Birmingham airport information