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Is airport parking really that boring?

Finally, we've found evidence to argue the case that airport parking is not always yawn-inducing. Perhaps unbelievably, airport parking can prove quite dramatic.

The boring confession

Watching paint dry currently holds the prestigious crown for being the most boring thing in the world - but airport parking is biting at its heels! Quite possibly second in line, airport parking is undoubtedly dull; ditch water is positively sparkling in comparison.

There's a tremendously big BUT though, because cranking up the excitement factor is not necessarily a good thing, as demonstrated here in these "eyewitness accounts" of recent exciting activity at airport car parks.

Here at Holiday Extras we've concluded that it's best to keep parking as boring as we can. We'd like our customers to arrive at their car park and instantly move on to enjoying their holiday without so much as a mild distraction.

Boring would have definitely been preferable...

Coincidence struck when 3 independent travelers happened to capture a pattern of malicious activity from seemingly unconnected culprits. Reasons for this are still a mystery to all except our marketing manager Ben. Ben knows everything.

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"I just happened to be taking a rest with my HD cam-corder when..." - Miss Lizzy Bennett

This first incident has triggered mass debate over what could possibly have occurred to induce such a random act of destruction. Perhaps it was the breaking point of a troubled individual with an undisciplined fury directed at Ford Mondeos (despite the Mondeo winning What Car?'s best family and estate car award in 2009 - Ed.). Perhaps it was a terrible accident, and the Mondeo was unfortunately mistaken for a Citroen. Or perhaps Optimus Prime was flying from Gatwick that day and had a little accident on his way to the transfer bus. Quite a mystery indeed, retrieved for your viewing pleasure by Holiday Extras.

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Unbelievable! I'm insured against pretty much everything except dinosaurs!"- Mr. Peter Parker

The second incident was something of a surprise because nobody heard it coming! Completely out of the blue, this 100ft monstrosity suddenly appears. It must have snuck through the car park on its twinkle toes before inexplicably getting a strop on! Bizarrely, this is the only footage of the creature. If it had occurred in one of our car parks there would have been far more security camera footage. To the consternation of zoologists everywhere, the negligent parking operators could only give us this 40 second clip.

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"I never trusted E.T. He had a funny look about him."- Mr. B. Lightyear

Mercedes drivers are something of a liability, around our neighbourhood at least. Unfortunately the owner of the vehicle involved in the third incident was absent at the time, blissfully unaware in the Bahamas, so there's always the possibility he will simply buy another one. Quite what scientific discoveries there are to be made from probing a Mercedes we're not sure, but these unearthly visitors are about to find out. Holiday Extras is proud to declare there have been no such 'exciting' incidents at any of our car parks.

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Comments, questions and answers

  • I haven't seen any of these on TV.....?
    Comment posted 27/01/10
  • The Crusher one definitely looks best. I could have believed that was real if it wasn't animated like it was. The dinosaur twisting its foot was quite funny though : )
    Comment posted 27/01/10

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Holiday Extras are the UK market leaders for boring airport parking and are delighted to have served over 6.2 million travellers without so much as a single vaguely entertaining parking story between them.

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