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Bristol Airport Departures

82 flights leaving Bristol Airport today

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Flight Departure
AF5123 06:15
AZ3999 06:15
DL9422 06:15
EY7330 06:15
G35535 06:15
KL1046 06:15
KQ1046 06:15
SU4430 06:15
U26051 06:30
BY6740 06:50
U26149 07:00
U26275 07:00
U26039 07:05
U26295 07:10
U26299 07:20
U26071 07:30
U26005 07:50
U26253 08:00
FR3774 08:05
FR8216 08:10
U26001 08:30
MT7016 09:00
U2421 10:00
BY6750 10:15
AF5127 10:20
DL9423 10:20
KL1050 10:20
SU4426 10:20
GR643 11:50
FR8121 12:00
BM1845 12:05
LH5309 12:05
U26151 12:30
EI3843 12:40
U26185 12:50
U26155 13:05
U2403 13:10
FR8296 13:20
U26141 13:35
U2566 13:45
U2445 13:55
FR507 14:00
U2415 14:00
U2425 14:25
U26165 14:25
BM1863 15:00
U2405 15:10
U2427 15:55
BM1827 16:30
LH5307 16:30
U26035 16:40
U26265 17:00
BM1847 17:10
FR509 17:10
LH5303 17:10
U26029 17:10
U2568 17:15
AF5131 17:20
AZ3883 17:20
EY7310 17:20
KL1054 17:20
KQ1054 17:20
SU4422 17:20
FR8248 17:30
LH5613 17:30
SN2058 17:30
BM1807 17:40
BM1837 17:40
U26237 17:40
U26085 17:50
U26159 17:50
U2407 18:00
U2443 18:00
FR8212 18:05
U26167 18:10
U26223 18:30
EI3287 19:05
BM1885 19:10
U2447 19:10
U2457 19:10
U2570 20:20
U2431 20:40

If you’re jetting off on holiday from Bristol airport, we want to make sure everything happens for you without a hitch. First things first: we’ll check your flight status. We’ve got live status updates below for all flights leaving Bristol airport today – or just enter a flight number and a date into the boxes on the right to get details. We can tell you the status of your flight and show you where the plane is right now on a map; we’ve also got details of the plane you’ll be flying in, information about the airline, a list of places to visit at your destination and even the current and forecast weather there.

Checking in

Passengers flying from Bristol airport are advised to arrive at least two hours before their flight. If you’re going to be checking in and going through security between 6am and 7.30am, it’s worth remembering that this is the busiest time. You should also always check with your airline in case they require you to check in sooner.

easyJet and Ryanair are among the airlines flying from Bristol that offer online check-in – if you want to use this option, your flight confirmation email should tell you what to do. When you get to the airport, all you’ll then need to do is drop any hold baggage at the bag drop desk before heading to security with your boarding card. If you’re flying with Air France and KLM, there’s also the option of using the self-check-in kiosks, which are right in front of you as you come into the terminal.

Baggage allowance

Different airlines have different baggage allowances, so check how much you’re allowed to take. Remember, too, that you’re not allowed any liquids, gels or pastes over 100ml in your hand luggage – they’ll need to go in your hold luggage. It’s worth noting that easyJet and Ryanair only allow one piece of hand luggage, including handbags and laptop bags - but you can take another bag containing anything you’ve bought in the departure lounge. For more information visit our Bristol airport baggage and security page.

Book Bristol airport parking and hotels

Visit our Bristol airport parking and Bristol airport hotels pages to sort out accommodation for your car while you’re away – and accommodation for you and your family the night before your flight. Our amazing deals mean it won’t cost the earth – we can save you up to 60 per cent on airport parking and 40 per cent on airport hotels. If you fancy a special treat, we’ve got some lovely four-star hotels that’ll give you a luxurious early start to your holiday.

Dropping off passengers

You can drop passengers off in the Express Drop-off And Pick-Up area, which is connected to the terminal by a covered walkway. There are flight information screens so you can see how you’re doing for time – or, if you’re picking someone up, whether they’re on time. It’s £1 to stay for up to 20 minutes, after which the price rises to £3, and £5 for more than 40 minutes. (Prices correct on August 21, 2013.) If you’re staying longer than 40 minutes, the airport recommends parking in the Short-Stay car park instead.