Express Park at East Midlands Airport

East Midlands airport, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2SA

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Cheap and cheerful is the order of the day. Don't get stressed about complicated parking or your bank balance, save money and hassle by booking with Express Park. Pull in, park up and walk to the terminal in a few minutes, and don't pay the Earth. It's as simple as that.

Reasons to book East Midlands Express Park

  • For quick and easy parking, just behind the terminal, you can't top this simple service.
  • No need to wait on a transfer bus, it's just a couple of minutes' walk to to departures.
  • In sight of the terminal, this secured car park has CCTV and is circled by barriers and a fence.
  • Keep your own keys and leave when you're ready after your holiday.

Arrival at East Midlands Express Park

The car park has automatic number plate recognition, so you'll need to give us your car registration number when you book. You should take a copy of your booking confirmation to the car park with you.

Just drive up to the entry barrier and wait for the machine to read your number plate. This can take up to a minute. The barrier will open, so you can drive in and park.

If nothing happens, press the button marked "assistance" so you can speak to a member of staff through the intercom..

Don't insert your credit or debit card into the barrier at any point or you will be charged again for your parking, and don't press the ticket button, as this will stop you being able to gain entry.

From there, just walk to the terminal. It takes 2-3 minutes.

Getting to and from East-midlands airport

Express Park is right behind your terminal, so you're just 3 minutes away from check-in.

On your return to East Midlands Express Park

Walk back to your car and just drive to the exit barrier. The barrier will lift to let you out, which can take up to a minute. If it doesn't, press the button marked "assistance" and a member of staff will let you out. Don't insert your credit or debit card into the barrier at any point or you will be charged again for your parking. We advise, as always, having a copy of your booking confirmation with you.

East Midlands Express Park Address

East Midlands airport,
Castle Donington,

DE74 2SA

Longitude -1.33185
Latitude    52.82528

Everything went perfectly,barrier went up within seconds of us driving up to it.Found car space immediately Within easy walking distance to airport .Would definitely recommend

Mr Jackson (East-midlands East Midlands Express Park)

You need to improve the walk - paths from the car park to the terminal.
Firstly a car had parked where the (on foot) entrance was. Then the bad state of the footpath from the CP to the terminal, poor state of repair

Mr Linford (East-midlands East Midlands Express Park)

Everything as described.Staff friendly and helpful.Instant access and exit .Bit expensive as you can travel by ferry to Ireland for £6 less ,but felt relaxed whilst on holiday that car was secure.

Mr Hickey (East-midlands East Midlands Express Park)

Location great, getting out the car park was a problem, barrier did not rise and it took a long time to get an answer on the intercom.

Mr Beedles (East-midlands East Midlands Express Park)

Smooth booking process. Used the express car park and it was a few minutes walk to the airport check in. Number plate recognition is excellent, no messing with tickets, just in and out. Will definitely use again.

Ms Dyer (East-midlands East Midlands Express Park)

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Overall rating: 90% by 957 guests

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