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Faro Departures

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40 flights leaving on 06/05/16
Flight Departure Terminal
U28915 06/05/16 06:00 North
ZB402 06/05/16 06:10
EI72 06/05/16 06:30
FR6826 06/05/16 06:35
U22015 06/05/16 06:40
U26005 06/05/16 07:05
EI490 06/05/16 07:10 2
FR9142 06/05/16 07:10
LS251 06/05/16 07:10
ZB580 06/05/16 07:10
FR651 06/05/16 07:20
U26445 06/05/16 07:20
FR1956 06/05/16 07:40
LS875 06/05/16 08:20 1
ZB212 06/05/16 08:20 South
BA2694 06/05/16 09:05 North
LS305 06/05/16 09:30
U27193 06/05/16 09:35
EI494 06/05/16 09:50 2
RC415 06/05/16 10:10
U26793 06/05/16 10:30
FR8248 06/05/16 10:35
U28921 06/05/16 11:55 North
FR4088 06/05/16 12:25 3
FR7034 06/05/16 13:05 1
ZB56 06/05/16 15:05
FR2503 06/05/16 15:40
FR1766 06/05/16 15:50
BA2696 06/05/16 16:00 North
ZB214 06/05/16 16:10 South
U28925 06/05/16 16:30 North
FR3711 06/05/16 16:40
FR4031 06/05/16 17:15
EI498 06/05/16 17:20 2
U28929 06/05/16 18:10 North
U26009 06/05/16 18:50
U22021 06/05/16 19:05
FR9282 06/05/16 19:15
FR7032 06/05/16 20:15 1
FR4052 06/05/16 20:30 3

Many holidaymakers will only pass through Faro on their way to a resort – but they are missing out. The town has plenty to see and do including the marina, many parks and traditional squares and a historic old town with many beautiful museums and churches.

Faro is also home to around 8,000 students and has a vibrant nightlife, and there’s a strong theatre scene too. Although the shopping centre and high-rise apartments may make it feel like a big city, the centre of Faro is compact and easy to walk around.

Top 5 cultural activities

  1. Faro Cathedral - Admire the intricate gilded carving, decorated tiles and works of art inside before climbing the tower to get a great view of Faro
  2. Milreu Ruins - The ruins of this Roman villa offer an insight into Roman life – and they’re surrounded by beautiful countryside too
  3. Trem Gallery - This attractive gallery houses temporary exhibitions by local and international painters, photographers, installation artists and sculptors
  4. Museu Municipal - Housed in a splendid domed 16th-century building with exhibits including a 3rd-century mosaic, Islamic homeware and works by Faro painter Carlos Filipe Porfírio
  5. Paco Episcopal - This 18th-century building, with its pointy red roof and multi-coloured hand-painted tiles, houses exhibitions of sacred art. It’s worth visiting just to admire the beautiful interior too

Top 5 Faro must-sees

  1. Cidade Velha - The picturesque Old Town is made up of winding cobbled streets and squares in a range of architectural styles. Enter through the neoclassical Arco da Vila and wander down the orange-tree-lined Largo da Sé towards the cathedral
  2. Ilha Barreta beach - It’s only a boat ride away from Faro, but this 10km strip of sand feels incredibly uninhabited and remote.
  3. Praia de Faro - A much busier beach than Ilha Barreta. You can go windsurfing here or have a snack and a drink in one of the beachside cafes
  4. Ria Formosa National Park - This nature reserve, which covers more than 50km of coastline, is particularly popular with birdwatchers - it’s home to species including the little bittern, purple heron and white stork, as well as the Portuguese water dog
  5. Forum Algarve - This shopping mall, built around a central square, has a good selection of shops, cafés and restaurants.