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Istanbul Departures

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35 flights leaving on 04/05/16
Flight Departure Terminal
PC4520 04/05/16 01:05
AF6760 04/05/16 03:05
TK1988 04/05/16 06:45 2
UA6922 04/05/16 06:45 2
BA678 04/05/16 07:05 5
TK1982 04/05/16 10:05 South
AA6613 04/05/16 10:20 5
BA676 04/05/16 10:20 5
TK1968 04/05/16 10:40
TK1994 04/05/16 10:40 1
TK1976 04/05/16 10:50 1
TK1980 04/05/16 11:30 2
UA6919 04/05/16 11:30 2
TK1964 04/05/16 11:55 South
TK1966 04/05/16 12:35 South
PC502 04/05/16 13:20
KK6004 04/05/16 13:35
TK1346 04/05/16 15:50
PC504 04/05/16 16:00 South
NZ4853 04/05/16 16:30 2
TK1978 04/05/16 16:30 1
TK1986 04/05/16 16:30 2
TK1996 04/05/16 16:30 1
UA6921 04/05/16 16:30 2
TK1970 04/05/16 17:00
TK1998 04/05/16 17:00 South
AA6465 04/05/16 17:45 5
BA680 04/05/16 17:45 5
AV6622 04/05/16 18:00 2
TK1972 04/05/16 18:00 2
AV6616 04/05/16 22:15 2
TK1984 04/05/16 22:15 2
UA6920 04/05/16 22:15 2
TK1492 04/05/16 23:40 1
PC520 04/05/16 23:55


With a fusion of historical influences and modern developments, Istanbul feels like several cities at once. It was a key checkpoint on the Silk Road and has been partially designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Religion, relaxation and recreation - Istanbul has it all

Previously known as Constantinople, Istanbul was the centre of first the Byzantine and then Ottoman empires. The modern city is a cultural hub for two continents, and is split into two by the Bosphorus. All of the main tourist attractions - shopping, bars and clubs, and stunning historical landmarks - can be found west of the strait, with suburban neighbourhoods to the east.

Summer in Istanbul is hot, and as the city is on the coast there are lots of sandy beaches close by. It typically snows in winter, and there’s a very popular ski resort just outside the city on Uludag mountain.

Top 10 Istanbul experiences

There are many things that you can only see, find and do in Turkey - and Istanbul has most of them. When you’re planning your itinerary, be sure to include at least a few of the following:

  1. Get up early to try fresh bonito at the fish market
  2. Spend a day exploring the massive, beautiful Topkapi Castle
  3. Rub shoulders with the locals at a ‘locanta’ restaurant
  4. Haggle for a bargain at the Grand Bazaar
  5. Cruise down the Bosphorus Strait on a ferry
  6. Watch ships sail from the Golden Horn harbour area
  7. Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque - more commonly known as the Blue Mosque
  8. Relax and unwind at one of the many Turkish baths
  9. Stay up late and experience the city’s huge clubbing scene
  10. Explore the Haghia Sophia basilica

Top 5 ways to experience Istanbul’s culture

Istanbul is both physically and culturally the link between Europe and Asia, and it brings the two together in harmony through art, food and design. Here are some ways to soak up the local atmosphere on your next trip:

  1. Eat kofte kebabs, feta cheese and seafood at a ‘meyhane’ Turkish tapas bar
  2. See Turkish art at the Istanbul Modern exhibition space
  3. Take a walk back in time along the ancient city walls
  4. Sample the locally-produced rakia or vodka
  5. Visit the Museum of Painting and Sculpture