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Malaga Departures

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37 flights leaving on 24/01/17
Flight Departure Terminal
FR6652 23/01/17 06:25
U26051 23/01/17 06:30
U21923 23/01/17 06:35 1
ZB652 23/01/17 07:00 2
ZB970 23/01/17 07:00
FR2156 23/01/17 07:05
BA8956 23/01/17 07:10 2
EI582 23/01/17 07:10 2
FR7044 23/01/17 07:20 1
FR8162 23/01/17 07:20
FR2446 23/01/17 08:10
U22403 23/01/17 08:40
BA8487 23/01/17 08:45
IB7555 23/01/17 08:45
LS185 23/01/17 08:45
LS809 23/01/17 09:00 1
D85001 23/01/17 09:15 South
U28605 23/01/17 09:35 North
LS557 23/01/17 10:00
D85007 23/01/17 10:25
FR5159 23/01/17 10:45
LS605 23/01/17 11:00
BA2712 23/01/17 11:10 North
IB7578 23/01/17 11:10 North
U26407 23/01/17 11:10
FR9862 23/01/17 11:35
FR8121 23/01/17 11:55
U28609 23/01/17 12:00 North
U26861 23/01/17 13:00 M
U23111 23/01/17 13:05
U26755 23/01/17 14:25
ZB1212 23/01/17 14:25
ZB736 23/01/17 15:25 South
FR4458 23/01/17 15:55
U27181 23/01/17 16:35
D85015 23/01/17 18:45
FR8164 23/01/17 18:50


At the mid-point of the Costa del Sol coastline, port city Malaga is close to both the beaches and mountains. The region is popular with both tourists and expats, claiming a relatively high British population.

City of culture, full of history and architecture

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded by the Phoenicians in 770BC. It’s the largest on the Costa del Sol and has a huge number of activities to match its busy nightlife. You can sunbathe on the beach, hike up a mountain or even explore a castle - all in the same day and without leaving the city.

The region has a sub-tropical climate, with warm weather all year round - so it’s always a good time to visit. Malaga is also one of the few cities in Europe where the plants and trees stay ‘green’ in winter.

Top 5 things to eat and drink

Malaga’s coast is lined with chiringuitos - beach restaurants offering paella, seafood and many other Spanish dishes. Sample some of the following highlights of Andalusian cuisine:

  1. Sweet Mosto wine - Malaga is famous for its vino
  2. Coquinas - small clams cooked in white wine
  3. Espetos - grilled sardine skewers
  4. Pescato frito - deep fried fish and seafood
  5. Cazon en adobo - Andalusian fish in vinegar

Top 10 Spanish experiences

Malaga is the main hub of the Costa del Sol, and has a lot to offer for holidaymakers straight out of the airport. There are so many things to see and do - we’ve picked out just a few:

  1. Take a free salsa class at one of Malaga’s bars and clubs
  2. Trek through the hills on an Andalusian horse
  3. Sense the town’s history at the Roman theatre
  4. Relax on the popular Playa de la Malagueta beach
  5. Visit the Picasso Museum or the artist’s birthplace
  6. Walk among the flowers at La Conception Botanic and Historical Garden
  7. See the unfinished Malaga Cathedral, at the heart of the city centre
  8. Pick up some souvenirs in the pedestrianised central shopping area
  9. Head to any of Malaga’s 30 museums for art, engineering and music
  10. Perfect your swing on one of the city’s four golf courses