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Naples Departures

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12 flights leaving on 26/05/16
Flight Departure Terminal
U28529 25/05/16 06:00 North
U23249 25/05/16 06:10
U22415 25/05/16 06:15
U26991 25/05/16 06:45
EI450 25/05/16 06:50 2
ZB1392 25/05/16 07:00
BA2606 25/05/16 07:15 North
AA6393 25/05/16 14:00 North
BA2608 25/05/16 14:00 North
BA2610 25/05/16 16:40 North
U23251 25/05/16 16:55
U28533 25/05/16 19:00 North


Naples is the second-biggest metropolitan area in Italy behind Milan, yet still considered something of a hidden gem for holidaymakers. The historic centre of the city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The home of Neapolitan pizza, sauce and ice cream

One of the big attractions of Naples is the traditional cuisine, with the city still relatively uninvaded by international chain restaurants. The city centre is easy to navigate on foot, allowing visitors to stroll around and take in the period buildingsand shop until they drop at the city’s traditional markets and boutiques.

Naples sits on the southwest coast of Italy, and as a result has a warmer climate than Milan or Turin. Underneath the city’s rustic looks, there are a number of recently-built public transport options to help you get around.

Top 10 Naples architecture

Naples has a total of 448 modern and historical churches – more than any other city in the world – and is also home to many of Italy’s biggest museums. As you won’t have time to see them all, make sure you visit at least a few of these suggestions:

  1. Take a tour of the Royal Palace, which is open to the public
  2. Feel the acoustics at the Teatro San Carlo opera house
  3. Visit the medieval Castelnuovo castle on the shore
  4. The Museo Archeologico Nazional is the world’s largest Roman architecture museum
  5. Find the Museum of City History inside a hilltop monastery
  6. Duomo is the main church of Naples with two chapels
  7. The Palazzo delle Poste is an unusually-designed post office
  8. Explore underneath the city in the Acquedotto Carmignano
  9. Galleria Umberto is a shopping centre from the 19th century
  10. The Anfiteatro Flavio was the third-largest amphitheatre in the ancient world

Top 5 Naples food

Pizza was first created in Naples, and the city’s restaurants offer both traditional and unique Italian cuisine. These dining tips are some authentic and delicious Italian experiences:

  1. Visit Pizzeria Brandi - the birthplace of the margherita
  2. Add some local fresh mozzarella to your pizza or pasta dish
  3. Naples is a port city, so make sure you sample the seafood
  4. Munch on a pasticceria (pastry) as you drink your cappuccino
  5. Try some hand-made taralli breads from one of Naples’ bakeries