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Pisa Departures

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21 flights leaving on 28/05/16
Flight Departure Terminal
U25231 28/05/16 06:25 South
U22303 28/05/16 06:35
BA2600 28/05/16 07:30 North
LS367 28/05/16 07:40
LS883 28/05/16 08:25 1
U25233 28/05/16 08:35 South
AA6319 28/05/16 08:45 5
BA604 28/05/16 08:45 5
FR584 28/05/16 08:45
LS645 28/05/16 09:00
FR2753 28/05/16 09:25
U21847 28/05/16 09:45 1
U26189 28/05/16 10:40
FR9908 28/05/16 12:30 1
FR586 28/05/16 14:45
BA2602 28/05/16 15:30 North
LS547 28/05/16 15:30
AA6356 28/05/16 15:40 5
BA606 28/05/16 15:40 5
U22305 28/05/16 17:50
FR588 28/05/16 20:05

Mention Pisa and you immediately think of the leaning tower – but there’s so much more to the city than this. It’s a delightful place full of medieval architecture and winding streets and is home to a vibrant café and bar scene. The city centre is very compact, so the best way to visit Pisa is on foot so you don’t miss any of the sights and atmosphere.

One of Italy’s key historic areas with a youthful atmosphere

The stunning square where the tower stands, the Piazza dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles), is a World Heritage Site which also houses the cathedral, the Baptistry and the monumental cemetery. The city is also home to more than 20 other historic churches, several palaces and one of Italy’s oldest universities – out of a population of just 100,000, 60,000 are students.

Top 5 Pisa cultural attractions

  1. Leaning Tower - Definitely worth climbing for the view. Due to the marshy land the city is built on, there are actually two other leaning towers in Pisa, the bell towers of the San Nicola and San Michele of Scalzi churches
  2. Duomo di Pisa - The splendid cathedral, with its striking green and white marble cladding, contains artwork by Giambologna and Della Robbia. The most notable pieces are Giambologna’s three pairs of bronze doors covered in intricate Biblical illustrations
  3. The Baptistry - This stunningly ornate building, made entirely of marble, is acoustically perfect inside – test the sound for yourself. Like the tower, it offers great views from the top
  4. Monumental Cemetery - The fourth of the Piazza di Miracoli’s famous buildings houses some impressive Roman and medieval artwork
  5. Museo di San Matteo - This history and art museum now houses almost all the original artwork from the churches in and around Pisa, and is one of the most important museums of Tuscan Renaissance art

Top 5 ways to relax in Pisa

  1. Orto Botanico di Pisa - The university’s botanic gardens are the oldest academic gardens in Europe and date from 1544. There’s an impressive collection of local plants and many trees from around the world
  2. Il Navicello - Take a boat cruise along the River Arno (April to October)
  3. Borgo Stretto - The most elegant street in Pisa is where you’ll find the most exclusive shops and boutiques
  4. Piazza Garibaldi -This square is in the exact centre of Pisa and is one of the most popular gathering points. Make sure you try an ice cream from La Bottega del Gelato
  5. Piazza delle Vettovaglie - This attractive medieval square is home to shops, restaurants and a colourful vegetable market