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Ryanair Flight FR3006


Flying with:
Ryanair (FR3006)
24 hour online check-in

Flying on:
Wednesday 01/06/2016 at 19:00

Flying from:
Dublin Airport

Flying to:
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Flight Route

From Dublin Airport, Ireland To Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands


Departure and Destination Airport Information

Our useful links below should help you at the airport

Dublin Airport

Departure : DUB
Terminal : 1
Location : Dublin Airport, Ireland
Date : Wednesday 01/06/2016
Departs Local time : 19:00

Weather : Clear Highs 19℃, Lows 10℃
Currency : Euro
Language : English and Gaelic

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Destination: AMS
Location : Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands
Date : Wednesday 01/06/2016
Local time : 07:30AM Wednesday 01/06/2016 UTC+1

Weather : Mostly Cloudy Highs 23℃, Lows 15℃
Currency : Euro Order Currency
Language : Dutch and Frisian

Lonely Planet : Guide


Weather Forecast

From take off to landing and your week beyond






Mostly Cloudy




Chance of Rain




Chance of a Thunderstorm




Chance of Rain




Baggage Allowance

Always worth checking luggage and baggage allowances before you travel

Baggage allowances can be complicated, varying according to routes and class of seat and taking into account the number, weight and dimensions of bags, free allowances, and ever-changing aviation rules. In general, excess baggage and special items can be carried for an additional fee.

For all airlines flying into and out of the UK, a recent safety requirement has been introduced restricting the weight of each single item of luggage to 32kg. This is not your full baggage allowance, rather a measure to reduce strains and injuries among baggage handling staff.

Baggage allowance for Ryanair

Luggage max size: 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth)
Luggage max weight: 15-20kg
Max hand luggage bags per person: 1 + 1 smaller bag
Hand luggage max size: 55 x 40 x 20 cms
Hand luggage max weight: 10kg
More information: Every passenger is permitted to check in up to three bags with a maximum combined weight of 15kg, subject to the payment of the applicable checked baggage fees. Ryanair offers a discounted checked baggage fee for those travellers paying online in advance. Passengers who wish to check-in baggage do not qualify for online check-in and must check in at the airport and pay the appropriate airport check-in fee.

Remember, this information is liable to change so always check on your airline and airport websites before you start packing.


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Packing List

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Hand luggage

Passports and visas Travel itinerary
Airline tickets and hotel documentation Credit cards and ID (Driving licence)
Foreign currency/travellers' cheques Valuables: camera, mobile phone etc
Travel sweets Medication (if prescription take documentation)

Main luggage (Cold weather)

Jacket Hat
Scarf Trousers
Boots Jumper
Gloves Socks

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