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Flight Departure Terminal
9B434 00:05 South
9B485 00:16 South
9B484 00:25 South
9B430 00:30 South
9B489 01:30 South
9B437 02:26 South
9B435 02:30 South
9B436 02:30 South
9B411 03:30 South
9B411 03:30 South
9B411 03:30 South
9B411 03:30 South
9B438 03:30 South
9B431 04:55 South
9B413 05:25 South
9B413 05:25 South
9B413 05:25 South
9B413 05:25 South
9B25 05:30 South
9B166 05:50 South
9B166 05:50 South
9B166 05:50 South
9B200 05:50 South
9B200 05:50 South
9B200 05:50 South
9B200 05:50 South
9B200 05:50 South
BA2748 06:00 North
DY2434 06:00
MT1324 06:00 South
9B372 06:05 South
9B372 06:05 South
9B372 06:05 South
9B441 06:15 South
BY4724 06:15 North
MT1042 06:15 South
U28462 06:15 North
U28621 06:15 North
9B440 06:16 South
BY526 06:20 North
ZB4838 06:20 South
9B439 06:25 South
U28973 06:25 North
BY4708 06:30 North
BA2576 06:35 North
BA2622 06:35 North
ZB4128 06:35 South
BY4704 06:40 North
9B171 06:50 South
9B171 06:50 South
9B171 06:50 South
BA2648 06:50 North
BA5901 06:50 South
EI231 06:50 South
U25253 06:50 South
U28603 06:50 North
ZB2624 06:50 South
ZB4116 06:50 South
DY2510 06:55
BA2730 07:00 North
BA2786 07:00 North
BY4760 07:00 North
IB7585 07:00 North
U28401 07:00 North
U28941 07:00 North
UN7401 07:00 North
U28423 07:05 North
MT1028 07:10 South
U25381 07:10 South
U25453 07:10 South
U28901 07:10 North
ZB2404 07:10 South
9B412 07:15 South
U25391 07:15 South
U28557 07:15 North
AB5086 07:20 North
BA2652 07:20 North
U28535 07:20 North
9B417 07:25 South
9B417 07:25 South
9B417 07:25 South
9B417 07:25 South
BA2736 07:25 North
U25091 07:25 South
U25407 07:25 South
U28551 07:25 North
U28661 07:25 North
9B11 07:30 South
9B33 07:30 South
U28571 07:30 North
U28823 07:30 North
U28917 07:30 North
U25231 07:35 South
BY4734 07:40 North
U25221 07:40 South
U28377 07:40 North
U28681 07:40 North
U28893 07:40 North
BA2582 07:45 North
U28349 07:45 North
US7513 07:45 North
BA2758 07:50 North
US7505 07:50 North
ZB6952 07:55 South
DY2850 08:00
U25365 08:00 South
U28445 08:00 North
U28529 08:00 North
U28703 08:00 North
ZB2546 08:00 South
9B203 08:05 South
9B203 08:05 South
9B203 08:05 South
9B203 08:05 South
9B377 08:05 South
9B377 08:05 South
9B377 08:05 South
U25113 08:05 South
DY2474 08:10
U25303 08:10 South
U25343 08:10 South
U28325 08:10 North
9B444 08:15 South
U28415 08:15 North
U28464 08:15 North
U28871 08:15 North
ZB2072 08:15 South
9B443 08:16 South
9B174 08:20 South
9B174 08:20 South
9B174 08:20 South
ZB6374 08:20 South
9B442 08:25 South
BA2596 08:25 North
BA2756 08:25 North
U25393 08:25 South
U2831 08:25 North
U28431 08:25 North
U28511 08:25 North
GR601 08:30 South
BA2546 08:35 North
U25263 08:45 South
BA2049 08:50 North
BA2690 08:50 North
BA5933 08:50 South
EI21 08:50 South
IB5660 08:50 North
VY7823 08:50 North
9B445 08:55 South
U25493 08:55 South
9B414 09:00 South
DY2872 09:05
BA5903 09:10 South
EI233 09:10 South
BY22 09:15 North
MT276 09:15 South
U28466 09:15 North
DY2802 09:20
U25255 09:20 South
9B419 09:25 South
9B419 09:25 South
9B419 09:25 South
9B419 09:25 South
BA6114 09:25 South
BE802 09:25 South
DY2476 09:25
9B13 09:30 South
9B37 09:30 South
U25289 09:30 South
U28495 09:30 North
U25325 09:35 South
EK12 09:40 North
FR113 09:40 South
QF8012 09:40 North
U28605 09:40 North
VS31 09:40 South
BA2706 09:45 North
IB4694 09:45 North
BA2732 09:55 North
IB7574 09:55 North
BY4758 10:00 North
U25409 10:00 South
U28989 10:00 North
9B206 10:05 South
9B206 10:05 South
9B206 10:05 South
9B206 10:05 South
9B381 10:05 South
9B381 10:05 South
9B381 10:05 South
BA2159 10:05 North
IB4713 10:05 North
AM6941 10:10 South
BA2574 10:10 North
U28595 10:10 North
UX1014 10:10 South
VN3162 10:10 South
9B447 10:15 South
9B452 10:15 South
9B449 10:16 South
DY5579 10:20
TK1982 10:20 North
U28333 10:20 North
9B448 10:25 South
U28717 10:25 North
AA6524 10:30 North
BA2744 10:30 North
IG372 10:30 North
VS29 10:30 South
BA2155 10:40 North
IB4743 10:40 North
S48607 10:40 South
TP339 10:40 South
U25333 10:40 South
U25357 10:40 South
DY1315 10:45
U28468 10:45 North
9B179 10:50 South
9B179 10:50 South
9B179 10:50 South
DY5165 10:50
EI911 10:50 South
IB5917 10:55 North
VY7821 10:55 North
AA6202 11:00 North
AY5539 11:00 North
BA2039 11:00 North
IB4761 11:00 North
U28853 11:00 North
US7108 11:00 North
9B451 11:10 South
BA2157 11:10 North
BA2752 11:10 North
IB4739 11:10 North
W23202 11:15 South
W23202 11:15 South
WW202 11:15 South
DL4394 11:20 South
VS43 11:20 South
9B422 11:25 South
9B422 11:25 South
9B422 11:25 South
9B422 11:25 South
BY60 11:25 North
IB5331 11:25 North
VY7829 11:25 North
9B16 11:30 South
9B41 11:30 South
9B416 11:30 South
AB5187 11:35 North
BA2772 11:35 North
DY2496 11:35
ZB248 11:35 South
AA6252 11:40 North
AB5202 11:40 North
BA2958 11:40 North
U28573 11:40 North
AA6206 11:45 North
AY5447 11:45 North
BA2037 11:45 North
IB4679 11:45 North
US7096 11:45 North
BW903 11:50 North
GR605 11:50 South
ZB4162 11:50 South
AA6247 11:55 North
BA2938 11:55 North
KM117 11:55 South
U28627 11:55 North
U28472 12:00 North
9B384 12:05 South
9B384 12:05 South
9B384 12:05 South
AA6211 12:10 North
AY5457 12:10 North
BA2167 12:10 North
BA2688 12:10 North
IB4683 12:10 North
US7098 12:10 North
9B454 12:16 South
B2852 12:20 South
PS112 12:20 South
TP8229 12:20 South
U25335 12:20 South
U25395 12:20 South
9B453 12:25 South
U25285 12:25 South
U25477 12:25 South
U2833 12:25 North
9B459 12:30 South
FI471 12:30 North
MT1232 12:30 South
VS65 12:30 South
9B456 12:35 South
DY2852 12:40
TK1966 12:45 North
9B208 12:50 South
9B208 12:50 South
9B208 12:50 South
9B208 12:50 South
BY4744 12:50 North
DY2456 12:50
DY7095 12:50
MT1908 12:50 South
U28817 12:50 North
BY858 12:55 North
U25013 12:55 South
U25367 12:55 South
U28965 12:55 North
DL4396 13:00 South
TP331 13:00 South
U28873 13:00 North
UN7015 13:00 South
VS15 13:00 South
9B182 13:05 South
9B182 13:05 South
9B182 13:05 South
U28355 13:05 North
AA6475 13:10 North
BA2584 13:10 North
BA5939 13:10 South
EI23 13:10 South
U25293 13:10 South
U28403 13:10 North
UN7403 13:10 North
US7532 13:10 North
ZB284 13:10 South
BA2654 13:15 North
BY4766 13:20 North
9B425 13:25 South
9B425 13:25 South
9B425 13:25 South
9B425 13:25 South
BA2754 13:25 North
FR115 13:25 South
U25411 13:25 South
U28575 13:25 North
9B19 13:30 South
9B421 13:30 South
9B45 13:30 South
EK16 13:35 North
QF8016 13:35 North
U25233 13:40 South
U2863 13:40 North
ZB6948 13:40 South
AA6254 13:45 North
BA2153 13:45 North
BA2760 13:45 North
IB7531 13:45 North
U25087 13:45 South
US7524 13:45 North
U28705 13:50 North
ZB742 13:50 South
BY736 13:55 North
U25375 13:55 South
ZB4218 13:55 South
BA2666 14:00 North
DY2514 14:00
DY2854 14:00
U25053 14:00 South
U28433 14:00 North
9B388 14:05 South
9B388 14:05 South
9B388 14:05 South
MT1384 14:10 South
U2871 14:10 North
U2807 14:15 North
9B458 14:16 South
MT1736 14:20 South
U28875 14:20 North
9B460 14:25 South
TK1964 14:25 North
U25267 14:25 South
U28474 14:25 North
U28943 14:25 North
9B465 14:30 South
BA2233 14:30 North
IB4698 14:30 North
IB5515 14:30 North
VY7833 14:30 North
ZB2486 14:30 South
U25257 14:35 South
U28961 14:35 North
U25447 14:40 South
ZB252 14:40 South
9B462 14:45 South
BA2740 14:45 North
ZB216 14:45 South
BA2051 14:50 North
BA2612 14:50 North
IB5551 14:50 North
VY7827 14:50 North
AA6432 14:55 North
BA2540 14:55 North
BY4774 14:55 North
BA5909 15:00 South
DY2806 15:00
EI239 15:00 South
U25295 15:00 South
9B187 15:05 South
9B187 15:05 South
9B187 15:05 South
U2835 15:05 North
AT803 15:15 North
9B212 15:20 South
9B212 15:20 South
9B212 15:20 South
9B212 15:20 South
U2847 15:20 North
3O102 15:25
9B427 15:25 South
9B427 15:25 South
9B427 15:25 South
9B427 15:25 South
BA2714 15:25 North
IB7579 15:25 North
9B22 15:30 South
9B423 15:30 South
9B50 15:30 South
U25037 15:30 South
U25479 15:30 South
U28597 15:30 North
9B464 15:35 South
BA2578 15:40 North
BA2644 15:40 North
U28895 15:40 North
BA2692 15:45 North
FR123 15:45 South
LX363 15:45 South
LX363 15:45 South
U28977 15:45 North
BY4718 15:55 North
BA2774 16:00 North
BA2798 16:00 North
BA5911 16:00 South
EI241 16:00 South
GR607 16:00 South
IB7631 16:00 North
U2887 16:00 North
9B391 16:05 South
9B391 16:05 South
9B391 16:05 South
BA2708 16:05 North
BA8845 16:05 North
IB4695 16:05 North
IB5066 16:05 North
VY6205 16:05 North
U28577 16:10 North
U2809 16:15 North
9B467 16:16 South
DY2516 16:20
9B466 16:25 South
9B473 16:30 South
U28476 16:30 North
9B214 16:35 South
9B214 16:35 South
9B214 16:35 South
9B214 16:35 South
FR9853 16:35 South
U28521 16:35 North
U28719 16:35 North
U28609 16:45 North
BA2242 16:50 South
BA2624 16:50 North
BT654 16:50 South
U25259 16:50 South
IB5521 16:55 North
VY7831 16:55 North
ZB274 16:55 South
BA5915 17:00 South
EI245 17:00 South
U25369 17:00 South
U28879 17:00 North
9B192 17:05 South
9B192 17:05 South
9B192 17:05 South
9B469 17:10 South
U28425 17:10 North
U25225 17:15 South
U25481 17:15 South
AM6913 17:20 South
BY58 17:20 North
TK1998 17:20 North
UX1016 17:20 South
9B429 17:25 South
9B429 17:25 South
9B429 17:25 South
9B429 17:25 South
U28925 17:25 North
9B424 17:30 South
9B55 17:30 South
BA2586 17:30 North
U25359 17:30 South
U28478 17:30 North
US7533 17:30 North
FR2746 17:35 South
AB5194 17:40 North
AB5206 17:40 North
BA2942 17:40 North
BA2964 17:40 North
U25297 17:40 South
FR117 17:45 South
U2811 17:45 North
DY2500 17:50
U25385 17:55 South
BA5947 18:00 South
EI29 18:00 South
U25377 18:00 South
U28359 18:00 North
U28667 18:00 North
9B397 18:05 South
9B397 18:05 South
9B397 18:05 South
U28437 18:05 North
AB5189 18:10 North
BA2776 18:10 North
GR609 18:10 South
U2855 18:10 North
U28579 18:10 North
U2893 18:10 North
U25117 18:15 South
U25415 18:15 South
9B472 18:16 South
DY2856 18:20
U25327 18:20 South
9B471 18:25 South
U25497 18:25 South
U2873 18:25 North
9B477 18:30 South
BA2043 18:30 North
IB7623 18:30 North
U25337 18:30 South
U28327 18:30 North
U28480 18:30 North
DY2518 18:40
DY2808 18:40
BA2788 18:45 North
DY5819 18:45
U2813 18:45 North
U28881 18:45 North
9B216 18:50 South
9B216 18:50 South
9B216 18:50 South
9B216 18:50 South
BA2764 18:50 North
US7525 18:50 North
BA5917 19:00 South
EI247 19:00 South
U2821 19:00 North
U2839 19:00 North
U2849 19:00 North
9B474 19:10 South
DY2498 19:10
U25261 19:10 South
U25483 19:10 South
AB5191 19:15 North
BA2778 19:15 North
U2865 19:15 North
9B432 19:25 South
9B432 19:25 South
9B432 19:25 South
9B432 19:25 South
9B426 19:30 South
GR611 19:30 South
U25347 19:30 South
FR1183 19:35 South
9B476 19:40 South
BA2050 19:40 North
IB5665 19:40 North
U25299 19:40 South
VY7825 19:40 North
W23206 19:40 South
W23206 19:40 South
WW206 19:40 South
9B60 19:45 South
U25417 19:45 South
U25371 19:50 South
U28419 19:50 North
AB5208 19:55 North
BA2966 19:55 North
U28482 19:55 North
U28883 19:55 North
BJ8473 20:00
9B217 20:05 South
9B217 20:05 South
9B217 20:05 South
9B217 20:05 South
9B217 20:05 South
9B401 20:05 South
9B401 20:05 South
9B401 20:05 South
BA6118 20:05 South
BE806 20:05 South
DY1341 20:05
EK10 20:10 North
QF8010 20:10 North
AB5198 20:15 North
BA2946 20:15 North
DY5407 20:15
9B479 20:16 South
9B197 20:20 South
9B197 20:20 South
9B197 20:20 South
9B478 20:25 South
U28581 20:25 North
DY1337 20:30
DY2810 20:30
DY2858 20:30
DY4442 20:40
DY1319 20:45
PS9937 20:45 South
TP337 20:45 South
U2841 20:45 North
FI477 20:55 North
BA5919 21:00 South
EI249 21:00 South
DY2520 21:05
9B480 21:20 South
9B428 21:30 South
FR119 21:30 South
9B433 21:55 South
9B433 21:55 South
9B433 21:55 South
9B433 21:55 South
9B64 22:15 South
9B219 22:20 South
9B219 22:20 South
9B219 22:20 South
9B219 22:20 South
9B219 22:20 South
9B403 22:30 South
9B403 22:30 South
9B403 22:30 South
9B487 22:30 South
9B483 22:46 South
9B482 22:55 South
9B199 23:05 South
9B199 23:05 South
9B199 23:05 South
9B66 23:30 South
9B221 23:45 South
9B221 23:45 South
9B221 23:45 South
9B221 23:45 South

Hurrah! You must be jetting off on holiday soon! Good times are ahead and you've come to the right place to check all Gatwick departures, live and in the future.

Take a look at the list below for live status updates of all flights departing from Gatwick Airport today, enter your flight number, and/or the dates you need into the fields, or use the helpful filter and we'll return all the departure information you need including: the status of your flight, your terminal, a map showing where the flight is on its path, the current weather and forecast at your destination and all manner of other things.

Gatwick Departures - live

Whether you are searching a flight for an upcoming holiday, or checking the flight status for friends or family that are due to depart or arrive at Gatwick, our live Gatwick departures list will provide you with all the information you need.

Using the filters above our Gatwick departures timetable will help you find your flight from the hundreds of daily Gatwick departures. Live and future dates can be displayed by simply selecting your details in one or more of the drop down boxes.

Gatwick Departures - which terminal?

Need more information on your Gatwick departure and which terminal you are flying from? Look no further. Use our helpful filter to select the departing flight you need and find which terminal your flight is due to fly from.

With hundreds of Gatwick departures each and every day, we appreciate how vital is it to get your airport arrangements right. And knowing which terminal you're flying from is pretty vital.

Whether it's to allow you to plan your holiday properly by arranging your Gatwick airport parking, or booking an airport hotel, or whether it is live flight status information you're after, knowing which terminal at Gatwick you require will alleviate any unwanted pre-holiday stress.

Terminal travel information:

The terminals at Gatwick are North and South. There is a fully-automated monorail connecting the two terminals. It runs every 5-7 minutes and only takes 2-3 minutes to transport you between the North and South terminal. The service is a fast and convenient way to travel between the two, especially if you have arrived at the airport unsure of your Gatwick departure and which terminal you need.

The transport links from each terminal to surrounding areas are frequent. The Gatwick Express runs every 15 minutes and can get you to Victoria in Central London in just 30 minutes. There are non-stop services to London Bridge and other London stations as well as rail links to destinations all around the UK. There are also frequent coach services connecting the Gatwick terminals to over 400 UK destinations.

Depending on your Gatwick departure, which terminal you are flying from and the services you require, you can plan your holiday to avoid any hiccups at the airport. Our live Gatwick departures list tells you not only which terminal you need but also specific flight details, information about the airline you are using, recommended places to visit at your destination and even details about the aircraft you will be seated on.

Gatwick Departures - easyJet

Being one of Europe’s most successful airlines, it’s no surprise easyJet have so many daily Gatwick departures. EasyJet is Gatwick’s largest provider, flying a whopping 37% of the total number of passengers out of Gatwick.

With so many Gatwick departures, easyJet have a very busy schedule, carrying passengers to a vast amount of destinations. That’s where we come in...to help you, the passenger, ensure your trip is well-planned and hassle-free.

Use our filter to select easyJet as your airline, or type your flight number and/or date, and your scheduled flight will show in the list. From here you will find all the information needed for your easyJet flight.

EasyJet departures from Gatwick are from both terminals, so it is important to be sure you know whether you are heading to the North or South.

Useful information:

EasyJet operate an online check-in procedure, you can do this from 30 days in advance, up to 2 hours before your flight. By doing this and printing your boarding pass online, you can save time spent on the pre-security procedures.

North terminal:

The bag drop zones for all easyJet domestic flights and all flight numbers beginning with an 8 are located in zones G and H.

The distance to the gates used at the North terminal is between a 5 and 15 minute walk.

Boarding at the North terminal will be via an airbridge to the aircraft or by coaching to the aircraft on a remote stand.

South terminal:

The bag drop zones for all flight numbers beginning with a 5 are located in zone C.

The distance to the gates used at the South terminal is between a 5 and 15 minute walk.

South terminal boarding will be via an airbridge or by steps or a combination of both.

Gatwick Departures - Virgin

Jetting off to faraway places, Virgin Atlantic are a major long-haul provider at Gatwick airport. One of 45 airlines that make up the long list of Gatwick departures, Virgin are renowned for their relaxed and friendly culture. They go above and beyond to make your experience the best it can be.

Virgin are the only airline to offer an extremely convenient Twilight Check-In service, allowing passengers who are staying near by, often in an airport hotel, to check in the night before their flight. The following morning passengers are then free to head straight to security, saving them time and cutting down queues at check-in.

This is a great example of how Virgin strive to find innovative ideas that can further improve their already successful airline.

The majority of Virgin Atlantic departures from Gatwick are from the South terminal. However it is always worth checking just to be sure. Using the filter above, select the date of your Gatwick departure and Virgin Atlantic as your airline and your flight will show in our list, providing you with all the information you require.

Gatwick Departures - British Airways

Proudly displaying the flag, British Airways are the largest UK airline in terms of fleet, international flights and destinations, and come in at a close second, behind easyJet, with the number of passengers they carry. Being such an iconic brand, and with so many Gatwick departures, British Airways aim to please.

It’s no surprise that with over 500 daily flight departures, Gatwick can get pretty busy at times. Therefore, finding procedures that can help BA cut down queues and make the airport experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible is a continual process.

A major contribution to these procedures saw the arrival of the self-check-in kiosks. British Airways were proud to be the first airline to install the self check-in kiosks at the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport in October 2011.

All British Airways flights depart from Gatwick’s North terminal. The self-service check-in desks, bag drop and a dedicated Premium check-in are all located in Zone A.

The search facility above will help locate your Gatwick departure with British Airways and provide you with a wide variety of information on your flight and destination.

Gatwick Departures - Monarch

With around 20 daily Gatwick departures, Monarch Airlines operate scheduled flights to destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Turkey, with additional charter services to Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, India and Africa.

Monarch departures at Gatwick are from the South terminal. The departures list above will supply you with helpful information about your airline and also your destination.

The booking process with Monarch is made easier with the ability to pay via PayPal and a package called Airpacks which includes your allocated seat and your luggage, so there are no hidden extras as you proceed with your booking.

Gatwick Departures - Flybe

British, low-cost airline Flybe is Europe’s largest regional airline. Contributing to the vast number of Gatwick departures, Flybe carry 7 million passengers a year to over 180 European destinations.

The airline operate out of Gatwick’s South terminal only. However it is always worth checking our Gatwick live departures list just in case this should ever change.

Flybe have made check-in even easier for their passengers. They were the first airline to offer passengers an automatic check-in service at the point of booking. When a customer opts to register for automatic check-in, they will receive their boarding pass between 36 and 15 hours before they fly, ready for them to print. Completely cutting out a step passengers would ordinarily have to log-on to do.

Gatwick Departures - Thomson Fly

Looking forward to your Gatwick departure with Thomson Fly? We’re not surprised, with the extensive list of destinations Thomson fly to it’s bound to be somewhere exciting.

Gatwick airport is Thomson Airways’ biggest hub, operating both long and short-haul flights.

Thomson flights depart from the North terminal, this however could always be subject to change, so it's always a good idea to check using our Gatwick flight departures list above.

Check-in times

Whatever time of day your flight from Gatwick departs, it is recommended you arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure time. This is to allow time to check-in and pass through security which can sometimes be a lengthy process depending on the popularity of flights departing at that time of day. Even if you are flying out at a bleary-eyed hour in the morning, it is still recommended you allow this length of time to be safe.

Online check-in - Many airlines allow you to check-in online from 30 days up to 48 hours before your departure time. You will need to visit your airline website and log in with your booking details to confirm.

Baggage Allowance

There are strict regulations about the size of hand luggage permitted and the items you can take through security at Gatwick. Take a look at these airport restrictions here.

For details about the hold baggage allowance, you will need to check with your airline about your booking. If you have a booking confirmation, this should contain the luggage allowance applicable to your reservation as well as contact details on how to change this if needed.

Book Gatwick parking and hotels

If you have an up-coming journey to plan for, take a moment to consider Gatwick parking or a Gatwick hotel. We have the best prices on all our Gatwick services, saving you money and trouble.

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Drop off details

You are able to drop off passengers at Gatwick terminal forecourts but, for security reasons, you are not permitted to park and wait here if you are picking people up. In this case, you should use the Short Stay car parks which are well sign-posted on your approach to the airport. You can park and walk to arrivals and pay at the machines before you exit. Prices for Short Stay parking are as follows*:

  • Up to 15 minutes: £2.00
  • 15 - 30 minutes: £3.80
  • 30 minutes - 1 hour: £7.50
  • 1 - 2 hours: £12.20
  • 2 - 3 hours: £15.60

*Prices shown were correct as of 16th May, 2013.

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