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Revealed: secrets of UK airport lounges reveals that airport lounges are the travel industry’s best kept secret

Airport lounges uk

Cheapflights, the UK’s leading website for flight comparison, has published research into the UK’s most popular airports to help inform and educate the general public on airport lounge facilities – and how you can access them. The research, which reviewed the usage, locations, cost and features of airport lounges, was designed to break the misconception that using such a ‘luxury’ will break the bank.

An airport lounge can offer a quiet and comfortable place to escape the crowds of the busy departure hall. With increased security and delays, an oasis away from the chaos can help travellers relax and prepare for the journey ahead.

This research tells us whether lounges at our UK airports are worth it or not, and also reveals what facilities passengers can use. The research stretches across lounges at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester. Heathrow, with 35 lounges throughout the airport, has facilities such as a spa, film screenings and showers, whereas, at Manchester, TVs and games consoles are available to keep the kids occupied, which underlines the notion that airport lounges are family-friendly.

The research also looks at how the UK public can utilise their bank accounts and credit cards to gain access to a selection of airport lounges throughout the UK.  Those banking privately with Lloyds can gain access to 19 UK airport lounges – and members of the Natwest Black Account can gain entry to over 550 airport lounges worldwide.

The full research is available in the following infographic.

airport lounges infographic

Cheapflights' travel expert, Pleasance Coddington, comments: “UK airports handle over 235 million passengers a year, making terminals a very busy and stressful place to be. Setting off on a holiday abroad can be quite a daunting task, particularly for the nervous traveller or parents with young children. This research breaks the misconception that airport lounges are strictly for business or wealthier travellers. The benefits of certain lounges across the UK clearly demonstrate that they are family-orientated and open to a wider range of demographics than you might think.

“I hope this research will also empower UK bank account holders and credit card users to look into their terms and conditions to see if they qualify to use airport lounges as part of their banking benefits.”

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Posted by Maxine Clarke, follow her on Twitter @travellingmax, or email

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