Poll: Christmas Holiday Packing

Men are more organised shocker!

Despite many women thinking they’ve got it sorted when it comes to packing and presents, the latest Holiday Extras customer poll reveals that it’s men who’ve got Christmas holiday packing under control.

Chaps crack Christmas holiday packing

Christmas holiday packing, bag

There's an art to good packing! Image: Lori L Stalteri under Creative Commons licence.

In the survey of more than a thousand customers who had just got back from their hols, 35% of men told us that they write a list before packing their bags and nearly half (45%) unpack and put everything away as soon as they arrive at their holiday accommodation. They probably even use our holiday checklist like good boys too!

Ladies on the other hand tend to be less efficient, with 53% of our female customers packing unnecessary items and carting unworn clothes home again. Sound familiar?

And if you’re travelling over Christmas, don’t expect a fantastic present from the men in your family. The poll shows that 40% of British fellas aged between 18 and 30 who are spending the festive season overseas plan to buy gifts at the airport to save packing space.

A fifth (22%) of guys aged 50-65 and 15% between 18 and 30 intend to buy smaller gifts than usual so they can squeeze them into their case!

Check out this cheeky little video and instructions on how to fold a t-shirt man-style:

  • Lay t-shirt out flat, with as few creases as possible.
  • With one hand, pinch the edge furthest from you in the centre, grabbing the shoulder seam on the same side with the other hand.
  • Keeping your hand in the centre, pull the sleeve over to the bottom corner of the t-shirt – again, same side – crossing your arms.
  • Now pull up with the other hand – uncrossing them again – and place the half in the air flat. Remember not to let go at any point.
  • With two corners still pinched in your fingers, and now half of the shirt laid out flat, fold over and voila! A perfect fold in just six seconds.

I think it might take a bit of practice.

If you think you’re in need of some more packing advice, have a look at our packing tips post which includes top tips from suitcase nuts around the world.

Do you think men are more organised when it comes to holiday packing? Tell us below and if you enjoyed this post like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or Google+.

Written by Maxine Clarke, follow her on Twitter @travellingmax, or email maxine.clarke@holidayextras.com

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