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I Love Meet and Greet parking is one of the most convenient ways you can park at Gatwick airport. Simply drive to the terminal, meet your uniformed driver who'll collect your car from you and walk the 2-minute journey to check-in. It's that easy! The driver will take your car back to I Love Meet and Greet, where it'll be looked after in their award-wining secured car park. When you get back in the UK, you'll just need to walk to the drop-off area again, where your car will be waiting for you. All that's left then, is for you to hop in and head home.

If you're looking for straightforward, easy and efficient parking, this is the perfect Gatwick airport parking for you.

A perfect start to the holiday. The meet and greet staff were courteous and efficient with a minimum of delay encountered before heading to the airport. Pick up went almost as smoothly.
The Lounge facilities we have used before and continue to be of the standard we have come to expect.

Mr Eves (Gatwick I Love Meet and Greet)

Pleased with overall service, but needed to return to a different airport, so had to arrange to get back to Gatwick. To have the car transferred to Heathrow was £90 which I thought was too steep. So had to make alternative arrangements.

Mrs Careless (Gatwick I Love Meet and Greet)

I Love meet and Greet were very efficient and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others

Mrs Clifford (Gatwick I Love Meet and Greet)

The outward drop off was perfect. On our return we cleared customs and contacted I LOVE at 1.44pm. No car so we contacted them again at 2.15 when they said there had been a mixup but car would be with us in 5 minutes. It finally arrived at 2.27pm I.e 33minutes from first contact. We booked I LOVE on customer satisfaction not on price. The much lower price could not have been worse!

Mr Barker (Gatwick I Love Meet and Greet)

Very efficient service. When we arrived back 5 hours late due to the Monarch collapse, we were met with a smile. Thank you.

Mrs Mcroberts (Gatwick I Love Meet and Greet)

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Overall rating: 92% by 694 guests

Reasons to book I Love Meet and Greet

  • No transfers to worry about, just drop your car off at the terminal and go.
  • You'll get peace of mind knowing your car will be kept in an award-winning car park.
  • No hunting for spaces - your car is parked for you!
  • No stress when you land, just hop in your car at the terminal and drive back.

Arrival at I Love Meet and Greet

Once you've parked, a uniformed driver will come to meet you, take your car and keys and drive your car to their secured car park. In the meantime, you'll just need to walk the 2-minute journey to check-in.

Getting to and from Gatwick airport

Arriving at Airport:

When you're 10 minutes away from Gatwick, call the car park to let them know you’re on your way.

Follow the signs to the North Terminal, heading towards the Approved Operators’ lane.

For the South terminal follow the overhead signs to the Approved Operator area. You’ll find this located at the far-end of the of the former passenger drop-off area.

The driver will be waiting for you here. You'll need to give them your booking confirmation and car keys, as well as your return flight information.

From there, it's a short walk to the terminal while a professional driver parks your car in a secured car park.

Returning to Airport:

Once you've collected your luggage, give I Love Meet and Greet a call to let them know you’re ready.

Head to the same drop-off area as you were met on arrival, where you'll be greeted by your driver and your car will be given back to you.

At their discretion, I Love Meet and Greet will give you up until midnight on the date you have booked to collect your car. If you go into the next day you will be charged £10 per day between April and September, and £5 per day outside of these months.

On your return to I Love Meet and Greet

Once you've landed, pick up your bags and call 01293 824 221 and press option 1 again. Then, head to the same drop-off area as before, where you'll be greeted by your driver and have your car given back to you.

There is a no-waiting policy at the terminal parking area, so on your return, make sure you're ready to pick up your car before you call the car park.

More information

If you're a day or more late, you'll be charged £10 extra per day between April and September, and £5 outside of these months.

The car park can't accept taxis.

The car park's emergency number is 07805 927969.

If your outbound terminal is different to your inbound terminal, just let I Love Meet and Greet know on your arrival and they can accommodate this at no extra cost.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 20-12-2017, valid as of 20-10-2017