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Leeds Bradford Airport Departures

89 flights leaving Leeds Airport today

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Flight Departure
BY3550 06:00
AF8286 06:20
AZ3985 06:20
DL9365 06:20
FR1584 06:20
G35531 06:20
KL1540 06:20
KQ1540 06:20
SU4404 06:20
LS257 06:30
FR153 06:35
LS197 06:45
LS201 06:45
LS185 07:00
LS343 07:00
FR2448 07:05
LS375 07:05
ZB1276 07:15
LS271 07:20
LS431 07:40
LS251 08:00
BA8911 08:10
EI3391 08:10
BE730 08:20
LS231 08:45
ZB7582 08:50
AZ3996 09:10
DL9470 09:10
KL1546 09:10
SU3162 09:10
FR9079 09:30
AA6733 09:35
BA1341 09:35
IB4703 09:35
QF3570 09:35
QR5909 09:35
T34702 10:00
T34702 10:00
LS241 10:40
T34714 10:55
T34714 10:55
BE732 11:05
KL1548 13:25
KQ1548 13:25
SU4407 13:25
FR2501 13:35
LS315 13:35
GR665 14:10
LS223 14:10
BE734 14:20
LS213 14:20
AA6735 14:30
BA1343 14:30
IB4717 14:30
QF3574 14:30
QR5907 14:30
T34704 14:30
T34704 14:30
ZB7504 15:10
LS249 15:15
LS215 15:30
LS273 15:30
FR2503 15:40
IB5037 15:40
VY8795 15:40
LS265 15:45
LS475 15:45
ZB1254 16:00
LS227 16:20
FR2446 16:45
FR2322 16:50
LS247 17:00
BE736 17:15
AZ3827 17:20
KL1550 17:20
SU3165 17:20
FR157 17:35
T34706 17:50
T34706 17:50
T34718 17:55
T34718 17:55
LS347 18:00
BA8915 18:45
EI3395 18:45
BE6985 18:55
AA6737 19:25
BA1345 19:25
QF3576 19:25
BE738 20:25

Jetting off on holiday from Leeds Bradford airport today? We bet you’re excited – and we want to make sure you have a hassle-free start to your holiday. On this page we’ve all the information you need before you set off – even what’s going on with your plane. Get live status updates below for any flights leaving Leeds Bradford airport today – or enter a flight number and date into the fields on the right for info. We can tell you the status of a flight and where it is on its flight path, as well as information about the aircraft and airline, the weather and forecast at your destination and a list of recommended places to visit.

Checking in

Leeds Bradford airport recommends that passengers arrive at the terminal two to three hours before their flight. This is only a guide though - you should also check with your airline and see what they say. Some airlines may allow you to check in online before you get to the airport, so you only have to drop your hold luggage at the bag drop before heading to security.

Baggage allowance

Different airlines have different policies on the amount of hand luggage they allow, so you’ll need to check. All hand luggage will be screened at the airport and one important thing to remember is that you’re not allowed any liquids, gels or pastes over 100ml – they’ll need to go in your hold luggage. And any liquids in your hand luggage must be taken through security in a transparent, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. For more information visit our Leeds Bradford airport baggage and security page.

Book Leeds Bradford airport parking and hotels

It’s never too early to tick your Leeds Bradford airport parking and Leeds Bradford airport hotel off the holiday to-do list and booking early normally means you get better prices. Take a look at our Leeds Bradford airport parking page for a list of great value car parks at or just outside the airport, then treat yourself to one of our Leeds Bradford airport hotels so you don’t have to worry about unexpected traffic or delays on the day of your flight. The popular, friendly three-star Britannia won’t break the bank, while you’ll be treated like an old friend at the elegant and stately four-star Mercure, which backs onto the gorgeous Golden Acre Park.

Dropping off passengers

The Terminal Front Express Parking zone, outside the entrance, is the most convenient place for dropping off and picking up passengers. Follow the green and white signs as you approach the terminal. It’s not free though – it costs £2 for 30 minutes and £5 for an hour (prices correct on August 22, 2013). However, there is a free drop-off and pick-up zone in Long-Stay car park 1, where you can park for free for an hour. The terminal is just a five to seven-minute walk away, or there’s a free bus you can catch.