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Liverpool Airport Departures

67 flights leaving Liverpool Airport today

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Flight Departure
U27179 06:00
U27141 06:10
U27001 06:20
FR9816 06:30
FR9886 06:35
U27159 06:40
FR9862 06:45
U2601 07:00
U27203 07:10
U2603 08:00
FR6673 08:15
BA8929 08:25
BE602 08:25
EI3193 08:25
FR443 08:25
BE902 08:30
0B134 09:25
U27193 09:35
U2605 10:00
U27003 10:35
0B3734 11:05
FR9202 11:15
BE904 11:25
BE604 11:30
FR4346 11:35
FR9884 11:35
BA8931 12:20
BE164 12:20
EI3195 12:20
FR9626 12:40
U27065 12:40
U27021 12:55
U27043 13:00
U27283 13:10
FR1443 13:30
BE906 14:05
FR9146 14:45
FR9895 14:55
U2609 15:05
U2635 15:45
FR6433 16:20
U27023 16:20
U27009 16:50
U27103 16:55
FR4031 17:15
BE908 17:20
BE608 17:25
BA8933 17:35
EI3197 17:35
U27207 18:00
FR9646 18:05
U27083 18:05
U27223 18:15
U27143 18:25
W62512 18:45
OK669 19:00
QS8669 19:00
FR447 19:30
U27121 19:30
FR9592 20:10
BE610 20:15
BE910 20:20
U2613 20:35
BA8935 20:45
EI3199 20:45
W61612 21:40
FR449 22:10

Flying from Liverpool airport? Find out everything you need to know before you go on this page – including where your plane is. We’ve got live status updates below for all flights leaving Liverpool airport today – alternatively, type a flight number and a date into the fields on the right to get information. We can tell you the status of your flight and how far along its path the plane is; plus we can give you helpful information about your airline, the plane you’ll be flying in, the weather forecast at your destination and what to visit when you get there.

Checking in

Liverpool airport advises passengers to arrive at least two hours before their flight leaves – though you should always check with your airline in case they require you to check in sooner. Many airlines, including easyJet and Ryanair, allow online check-in. This means that when you get to the airport, all you need to do is drop any hold baggage at the bag drop before heading straight to security.

Baggage allowance

The maximum size for hand luggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but you should check with your airline in case they have stricter rules. Most airlines, including easyJet, Ryanair, Flybe and Wizz Air, only allow one item of hand luggage, although pushchairs and walking aids are allowed on top of that. Laptops and other large electrical items (like large hairdryers, for example) must be taken out of your bag at security and screened separately. A separate laptop bag would count as your one item of hand luggage. Remember, too, that you’re not allowed any liquids, gels or pastes over 100ml in your hand luggage – they’ll need to go in your hold luggage. Liquids in your hand luggage must be taken through security in a transparent, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag.

For more information visit our Liverpool airport baggage and security page.

Book Liverpool airport parking and hotels

If you’re driving to Liverpool airport, you’ll need to leave your car there while you’re on holiday; and you may well want an airport hotel for the night before your flight too, especially if your flight’s early or you’re coming a long way. It’s worth booking both of these early to get the best prices – we can normally save you more money the further in advance you book. Check out our Liverpool airport parking and Liverpool airport hotels pages to see what great deals we can offer you.

Dropping off passengers

The Express Drop-Off and Pick-Up area, right outside the terminal, is the most convenient place to drop off and pick up passengers – and it’s free as long as you don’t stay there more than five minutes. After that, it’s £2 for 10 minutes, and £2 for every 10 minutes thereafter. If you’re planning to wave your loved ones off as they leave the runway, the Short-Stay and Multi-Storey car parks, just a minute’s walk from the terminal, are slightly cheaper at £2 per 20 minutes. (Prices correct on August 21, 2013.)