Long Stay Parking 2 Cardiff Airport

Long Stay Car Park 2, Cardiff airport, CF62 3BD

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keep keys
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5-10 minutes
to the airport
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It may be the second long stay car park at Cardiff airport, but there is nothing second-rate about this service. You can get to the terminal in five minutes on the free shuttle bus, or if you fancy the walk, you can hoof it in under 10 minutes. Your car will be under the watchful eye of CCTV and car park staff, who patrol regularly. So in the race for value, convenience, security and speedy transfers, this car park is second to none.

Arrived at the car park after our holiday and could not exit the car park had to wait for ages until assistance came to let us out. Wanted to charge us £70 despite pre booking and paying ahead. Very few spaces available and a long walk to and from the car!

Mrs Philpotts (Cardiff Long Stay 2)

The bus service is pointless. When we arrived we were the only people in the carpark and the bus stopped at the stop near our car, as we got close it drove off so we walked with our cases as a family and arrived quicker than the empty bus. Two mini-buses would be better.

Mr Hill (Cardiff Long Stay 2)

Arrived at the airport and gained access to the long stay 2 car park easily. We used the service last year so knew what to do. Explanations on the entry points would be useful for customers who have not used the service.
No problems departing the airport either.
Only drawback was the car park was quite full and had to drive around to find a parking space.

Miss Doherty (Cardiff Long Stay 2)

The one thing I didnt like was that when you arrive you get a ticket then on return you have to find customer service with that ticked andvyour booking confirmation yo validate your ticket, you should be able to type / scan your confirmation or confirm by card electroncslly.

Mr Blair (Cardiff Long Stay 2)

Convenient parking, easy drop off only a few yards from the departure entrance, so only driver had to park car. On exiting car park, number plate recognition system seemed not to work at one gate, but worked perfectly at the next

Mr Brocklebank (Cardiff Long Stay 2)

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Overall rating: 92% by 1740 guests

Reasons to book Cardiff Long Stay 2

  • You can walk in 5-10 minutes or get on a bus that will have you at the airport in 5 minutes.
  • You park your car and you keep your keys.
  • CCTV, barriers and regular patrols - security features that are second to none.
  • Fancy some fresh air? Then walk to the terminal in 10 minutes.

Arrival at Cardiff Long Stay 2

When you arrive, make sure you are in the car you made your booking with. As you approach the entry barrier, don't take a ticket as a camera will read your number plate and the barrier will raise. If there are any problems, press the assistance button for help.

Getting to and from Cardiff airport

You can walk to the terminal in 5-10 minutes, or you can use the free bus that runs ever 10-15 minutes and will get you there in 5 minutes.

On your return to Cardiff Long Stay 2

On leaving the car park, drive up to the exit barrier where the camera will read your number plate and confirm your stay. The barrier will then raise so you can leave the car park. If there are any problems, press the assistance button for help.

More information

Please note that as this is a special offer, it can't be amended, refunded or cancelled once booked.
If you're delayed coming back, you'll need to pay for the extra parking before you leave at the car park's normal rate. The amount you’ll be charged will be based on the calculated difference tracked by the cameras at the car park and will display on the screen by the exit barrier.

Cardiff Long Stay 2 Address

Long Stay Car Park 2,
Cardiff airport,

CF62 3BD

Longitude -3.34049
Latitude    51.40082

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 31-10-2016, valid as of 31-08-2016