Long Stay Manchester Airport Terminals 1 and 3

Manchester Airport - Long Stay T1 and T3, Manchester Airport, Manchester M90 3NS

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Cheapest Car Parking

If you're the sort of person who wants to park close to the terminal and get a great price as well, then Manchester Airport - Long Stay T1 and 3 is the car park for you. Transfers run every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day and just take five minutes. You park your own car and keep your own keys too - it's that easy.

Reasons to book Manchester Long Stay T1 and T3

  • Park minutes from departures at this official T1 and 3 car park.
  • Transfers run 24 hours a day every 10 minutes and just take 5-10 minutes to reach the terminals.
  • Award-winning security including regular patrols.

Arrival at Manchester Long Stay T1 and T3

Drive up to the barrier, which will recognise your number plate and rise automatically. Drive in and park in any space.

If the barrier doesn't raise, hold the QR bar code (a square with patterns in it) on your confirmation up to the scanner on the machine. Aim the red laser light at the code and you should hear a beep and be let it. If this doesn't work either, press the intercom to speak to someone at the car park. Don't press the green flashing button as this is for customers who've not booked.

Getting to and from Manchester airport

You're only minutes away from check-in from your car park. Transfers are by bus and run every 5-10 minutes, 24-hours a day. If you're feeling energetic, you can walk to the terminal instead. It will take less than 15 minutes.

On your return to Manchester Long Stay T1 and T3

Drive to the barrier and it will lift automatically. If you've stayed longer than you booked for, you'll be prompted to make payment using the chip and pin device. If you encounter any problems, press the intercom for help.

More information

Arrivals and departures before or after booked days will incur an additional charge as per standard Long Stay tariffs.

Manchester Long Stay T1 and T3 Address

Manchester Airport - Long Stay T1 and T3,
Manchester Airport,

M90 3NS

Longitude -2.26872
Latitude    53.36362

everything went very smoothly. I needed a disabled parking space in Long Stay 1 at Manchester and had no trouble finding one.

Mr Monks (Manchester Manchester Long stay t1 and t3)

Car park very convenient but very full! Took ages to find a space.
15 min wait for the bus after landing a bit disappointing.

Miss Wilkes (Manchester Manchester Long stay t1 and t3)

Buses were very regular, so we only had to wait 60 seconds before being picked up. Found our car easily. Everything went smoothly.

Mr Helliwell (Manchester Manchester Long stay t1 and t3)

Entry and exit from the car park went smoothly with no hitches. The free shuttle bus comes frequently and in our case the driver was very helpful as we were flying out with one airline and returning with another so flew out from T2 and returned to T1. The bus driver told us where to get the onward bus to The terminal.

Mrs Morris (Manchester Manchester Long stay t1 and t3)

the bus collection service not brilliant but the pickup at the airport and back to the carpark was great

Mr Clucas (Manchester Manchester Long stay t1 and t3)

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Overall rating: 90% by 7764 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 27-10-2016, valid as of 27-08-2016