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Luton Airport Departures

92 flights leaving Luton Airport today

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Let us help you find your flight and we can provide you with flight status, weather, airport services, destination guides, holiday checklist, baggage allowance, hand luggage sizes, airport & airline news and much more.

Flight Departure
U22049 06:05
U22423 06:10
ZB846 06:25
FR331 06:30
U22043 06:35
ZB3506 06:40
BY5648 06:45
U22151 06:45
U22263 06:45
U22283 06:50
U211 07:00
U2181 07:00
U22051 07:05
U22431 07:05
U22171 07:10
U22141 07:15
U22425 07:15
U22445 07:25
U22201 07:30
W67674 07:30
W62502 07:40
W67852 07:40
FR3466 07:45
U22365 07:45
U22053 08:05
W61902 08:10
W62802 08:10
W61002 08:15
W61302 08:20
W61602 08:20
W62202 08:20
W63002 08:35
W63302 08:35
FR844 08:45
ZB96 09:00
U263 09:05
0B132 09:10
FR8142 09:55
0B2232 10:25
U22055 10:25
U22367 10:35
U22397 10:35
U2153 10:40
U22115 10:50
U22133 11:20
U22085 11:30
U22403 11:45
U22057 12:00
U22157 12:00
U22173 12:00
KK6004 12:15
U22267 12:30
W64552 12:30
ZB74 12:45
U22125 13:00
U22015 13:30
W61802 13:30
W63772 13:45
U22059 13:50
ZB896 14:10
FR338 14:15
W67692 14:20
W68002 14:20
W62206 14:25
U22415 14:30
U22061 15:00
FR3456 15:05
U22223 15:10
U22439 15:10
BY5618 15:25
U22295 15:50
U22427 16:05
FR842 16:20
U22063 16:25
U22065 17:15
FR3472 17:40
U22441 18:00
U2185 18:05
W63754 18:15
0B1232 18:30
U22067 18:30
U2147 18:45
W64002 20:15
W61610 20:25
W61310 20:30
W62210 20:30
W61010 20:40
W64302 20:50
W68006 20:55
W62602 21:10
W63010 21:30
RO396 23:45

If you’re flying from Luton airport, you’ll probably have some questions before you go – like where and when do I check in, and how do I book my parking? We’ve got the answers here for you. You can even check the status of your flight on this page – just look at the table below, which has live status updates for all flights leaving Luton airport today, or enter your flight number and date into the boxes on the right. We can even let you know how far along its flightpath your plane is – and we’ve also got information about the airline, the plane you’ll be flying in, the weather and forecast at your destination and recommended places to visit.


Check-in is on the ground floor of the terminal. You should check with your airline how early you need to arrive. Luton airport advises getting there at least two hours before your flight, and we’d second this, particularly as there are sometimes problems with traffic congestion as you approach the terminal.

Baggage allowance

Passengers flying from Luton airport are only allowed one item of hand luggage, except those flying with El Al, who are allowed two pieces. The maximum size varies depending on your airline, so check with them.

Large electrical items like laptops and hairdryers need to be taken out of your hand baggage and screened separately. A laptop in its case would count as one item of hand baggage. Liquids, pastes and gels can only be carried in hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less; they must go in the hold if the container is bigger than that. Liquids must be taken out of your hand luggage and carried through security separately in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

For more information, see our Luton airport luggage and security page.

Book Luton airport parking and hotels

Have you booked parking at the airport for your car while you’re away, and somewhere to stay the night before your flight so you don’t have to rush to the airport in the morning? We’ve a myriad of parking options at Luton airport, including Luton Airparks, just 13 minutes from the terminal. And we’ve got an excellent range of Luton airport hotels, too, from the upmarket Hilton Garden Inn to the Holiday Inn Express, which overlooks the runway.

Dropping off passengers

One of the best places to drop off and pick up passengers is the Mid Term car park, as you can park there for free for up to 30 minutes. There’s a free bus to and from the terminal, which runs every 10 minutes and takes five minutes. You can also drop off and pick up in the Short Term car park (which is next to the terminal and within walking distance) and the Priority Set-Down Zone (which is right outside), but you’ll pay - £3.80 for 30 minutes in the Short Term car park, or £2 for 15 minutes in the Priority Set-Down Zone.