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Frequently Asked Questions

For the below FAQs, please fill in the fields opposite to view your booking, and you will then be able to action them

Resend booking confirmation

Another copy: click the ‘re-email’ icon in the top right-hand corner.
To a different email address: On the ‘amend’ tab, alter the email address field to the email you wish to send your confirmation to, and click the ‘amend booking’ button at the bottom of the page.

Amend booking

Dates/times: You are able to make changes to your dates and times via the amend tab, provided your booking is fully flexible and you are not within 24 hours of your stay.
Car details, name, email address and flight info: These are also changeable via the amend tab and can be changed at any time until your booking has started. We do not charge to change these details and it won’t matter if your booking is non-flexible - you can still get these amended.

View product information

What you’ve booked: Detailed information about the product you’ve booked can be found on the ‘view’ tab. For more in-depth FAQs, click the product hyperlink.
What’s the arrival/return procedure: Scroll to the bottom of the page on the ‘view’ tab for detailed arrival and return procedures.
Requests for maps, directions and addresses: This will come through on your booking confirmation. If you have not received this, ensure you have entered the correct email address and click the ‘re-email’ button in the top right hand corner.