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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to hand in my car keys?
    The majority of our car parks do require you to hand over your keys, there are some car parks that allow you to park the car yourself. Please use the 'more info' link found under the product to check the car parking arrangements.
  • How do I amend my booking?
    To view or amend your booking please visit our manage my booking page, or call us on 0800 093 5478 and we'll be happy to help you.
  • What do I do if my flight is delayed and I go over my pre-booked parking period?
    Dont worry, on your return you can pay any additional hours or days locally at the hotel or car park. Any additional hours or days will be charged at the hotel or car park's local rate.
  • Can you send me a map?
    Directions and a map are given on your booking confirmation, which you can see if you go to the manage my booking page. You can see a map before you book by doing a search and clicking on 'map' for the hotel or car park you are interested in, or by visiting the product page.
    If you book an undercover hotel or car park, you will only be able to see a map once you have booked, as the identity of the hotel or car park is a secret until then.
  • Are the prices per room or per person?
    Our hotel prices are per room per night.
  • Will I have to park the car myself?
    Different car parks have different arrangements. At most of our car parks you park your car yourself and keep your keys, but in some car parks you hand over your keys and your car is parked for you so you can get on the transfer bus more quickly. Click the 'more info' link for the car park you are interested in to find out.
  • What do I do if I exceed my 8/15 days parking package?
    If you exceed your eight or 15 days' parking package, you can pay additional days locally to the hotel or car park. Any additional days will be charged at the hotel or car park's daily rate.
  • Can I park before my stay?
    You can do this at most of our hotels, though not all of them. Just enter the dates when you want to park and the date you want to stay at the hotel. If the hotel you want doesn't come up in the list, it might be because it doesn't accept this kind of booking. If you've any questions, just give us a call on 0800 093 5478.
  • Do you have to pay in full at the time of making the booking?
    Yes, full payment is taken at the time of booking. You can take out our cancellation waiver, and if you do need to cancel, as long as you do it with at least 24 hours' notice, you'll receive a full refund.
  • How do I obtain a receipt for my booking?
    The price of your booking, as well as the last four numbers of your credit/debit card are displayed on your confirmation.