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Meteor Meet and Greet (formerly Gatwick CPS Parking) provides a convenient, time saving meet-and-greet Gatwick airport parking service. You won't find a better deal when you pre-book your chauffeured parking space on line with Holiday Extras® because of our Best Price Guarantee.

The parking arrangements are so easy. If you are in a rush, need pampering, travelling with the family on holiday or travelling on business, this first class airport parking service is the one for you!

Note: You must telephone Meteor Meet and Greet parking service on 08704 11 11 18 after you have made your booking to confirm your traveling arrangements.

Security with Meteor Gatwick- Cars are stored at one of the secured airport car parks which are holders of the Secured Car Parks Award initiated by the Chief of Police.

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Overall rating: 88%by 270 guests

Reasons to book Gatwick Meteor

  • No space-hunting for you - Meteor do all the parking for you!
  • No pesky transfers to wait for.
  • Only a two-minute walk to check-in
  • You'll get peace of mind knowing your car will be kept in an award-winning car park, with fences and 24-hour patrols.
  • Car valet/cleaning service and servicing bookable direct with Meteor - subject to availability.

Arrival at Gatwick Meteor

When you're 10 minutes away from Gatwick, call the car park on 01293 824 221 and press option 1.

If you're travelling from the North terminal, follow the signs to the passenger drop-off area. Keep in the right hand lane and drive to the end, then park in a space opposite the Premier Inn.
If you're travelling from the South terminal, follow the signs to the Car Set-Down area on the ground level. Then drive to the end and park in a space after the last pedestrian crossing.

Once you've parked, a uniformed driver will come to meet you, take your car and keys and drive your car to their secured car park. In the meantime, you'll just need to walk the 2-minute journey to check-in and catch your flight!

Getting to and from Gatwick airport

With a Meet and Greet service, you don't need to worry about transfers. Simply head to the passenger drop-off area outside the terminal, where your car will be collected by a uniformed driver, leaving you to walk the 2-minute journey to check-in and catch your flight. When you get back, your car will be brought back to the same place, so you can just hop in and drive home - it's that easy!

On your return to Gatwick Meteor

Once you've landed, pick up your bags and call 01293 824 221 and press option 1 again. Then, head to the same drop-off area as before, where you'll be greeted by your driver and have your car given back to you.

More information

If you're a day or more late, you'll be charged £5 extra per day, however if this is due to a delayed flight, you won't be charged.

The car park can't park taxis of any kind.

The emergency number is 07805 927969.

There is a no-waiting policy at the terminal parking area, so on your return, make sure you're ready to pick up your car before you call the car park.

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 03-05-2017 untill the 10-05-2017, valid as of 03-03-2017