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Airport security questioned

A television documentary has revealed serious security lapses at Birmingham International Airport.

An undercover investigation by ITV1's Tonight with Trevor McDonald claimed it found "shocking failures" at Birmingham International Airport. These included security officers sleeping on duty and poor-levels of passenger searches.

In a statement from ITV, it was revealed that the six month investigation found planes left unguarded, poor staffing levels and luggage sent for extra checks ignored by officials.

However, Birmingham International Airport responded angrily to the claims. It pointed out that the investigation criticised the work of a security firm, ICTS UK, and said that it was carrying out its own investigation into the situation.

"The airport wishes to reassure passengers that its operations remain safe and secure and compliant with UK government security requirements," a statement read.

"All passengers passing through Birmingham Airport are firstly screened by the airport's own security processes and these were not criticised by the programme.

"ICTS are a third-party contractor to a limited number of airlines. The behaviour of the ICTS staff featured on the programme is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at Birmingham Airport."

It added that the staff featured in the programme had already been suspended while the investigation is carried out.

Tony Hill

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Tony Hill