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Prestwick Airport Departures

10 flights leaving Prestwick Airport today

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Flight Departure
FR691 06:20
FR6253 12:30
AF6739 13:35
FR651 14:05
CV7723 15:10
CV7723 15:10
CV7723 15:10
CV7723 15:10
CV7723 15:10
CV7723 15:10

Flying from Prestwick airport? Here’s where you can swot up on everything you need to know before you travel - and even check the status of your flight. The table below has live status updates for all flights leaving Prestwick airport today – alternatively, enter a flight number and a date into the fields on the right. You’ll find details about the aircraft you’ll be travelling in and your airline; the weather forecast at your destination and a list of places to visit – even a map showing you where the plane is on its flightpath right now.


You should check with your airline when you need to be at the airport. In general, we’d advise getting there a minimum of two hours before your flight is scheduled to leave.

Baggage allowance

Again, your airline will be able to tell you both your hold and hand luggage allowance. Important things to remember include the restriction on liquids, gels and pastes, which are only allowed in hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less. Otherwise, they need to be packed in your hold luggage. Liquids must be taken out of your hand luggage at security and carried through in a clear resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. Laptops and large electrical items will also need to be taken out of your hand luggage and screened separately.

Any medicines or medical equipment that you need during the flight can be brought onto the plane, although if possible you should have a prescription or a letter from your doctor. Baby milk, baby food, sterilised water and baby wipes are also exempt from the restrictions. For more details visit our Prestwick airport luggage and security page.

Book Prestwick airport parking and hotels

Any time is a good time to be thinking about where you’re going to leave your car while you’re on holiday – and where you’re going to stay the night before your flight so you don’t have to worry about traffic on the day. Have a look at the options for parking here – all our Prestwick airport car parks are fully secured, whether they’re within the airport grounds or just outside. If you combine your Prestwick airport parking with one of our Prestwick airport hotels, you’ll probably save money on both – and remember that the earlier you book, the better prices tend to be.

Dropping off passengers

You’ll need to book your space 48 hours in advance if you want to drop passengers off at Prestwick, but the good news is that it is free - for five minutes. The Express Pick-Up and Drop-Off area is in the Short Stay car park, right outside the terminal, and if you stay longer than five minutes prices are as follows: £1 for up to 15 minutes, £3.50 for up to 30 minutes, and £4 for up to an hour. (Prices correct on August 23, 2013.)