Robin Hood Airport Premium Parking

Robin Hood airport DN9 3RH.

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The ultimate in convenience, this car park is directly opposite the terminal, and the closest you can park to the terminal. So you can forget transfers and long walks; all you need to do is park and stroll - it'll take no longer than a minute. You'll even avoid the airport traffic with the car park's priority access route.

Reasons to book Doncaster Robin Hood Airport Parking

  • Be one of the 14,000 happy passengers who book their Doncaster parking with us.
  • Convenient airport parking at a low price.
  • Secured airport parking with barriers, CCTV and site patrols.
  • Car park attendant visible on site within the car park to help with any queries.

Arrival at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport Parking

The barrier will read your registration plate, open and give you a ticket - it takes about 20 seconds. Keep the ticket safe as you will need it to leave.

If you have any trouble at the gate, press the button, take a ticket and explain what has happened to staff when you arrive. Don't put your card in the machine for any reason as you will be charged.

It's just a short walk over the road to the terminal from there. Just follow the signs.

Getting to and from Doncaster airport

Premium Parking is right next door to the terminal and has its own private entrance to Departures a short walk away. Just park your car and follow the signs to your private walkway. It takes less than 30 seconds!

On your return to Doncaster Robin Hood Airport Parking

Walk back to the car park and pick up your car from where you left it. Drive to the barrier and it should raise and let you out. If you had to take a ticket when you entered, press the "help" button on the intercom, give your reference number and the guys at the car park will let you out.

Doncaster Robin Hood Airport Parking Address

Robin Hood airport


Longitude -1.01040
Latitude    53.48241

The automatic number plate recognition did not work, so we pressed the buzzer and was spoke to a ma who let us in very promptly.

Ms Harpin (Doncaster Doncaster Robin hood airport parking)

The barriers did not recognise my vehicle on arrival but the staff were helpfull in getting me through. My car battery was flat on my return. When the breakdown company (AA) arrived the chap told me it was a common occurence. Apparently the car park is so close to the runway that aircraft set of the car alarms on take of and landing, thus draining the batteries. The guy said he was called out regularly. I would be happy to book again but not in the premium carpark.

Mr Ashmore (Doncaster Doncaster Robin hood airport parking)

No it didn't run smoothly. My registration number was not recognised because not HolidayExtras did not input my details. Will not book through your company again

Mrs Oates (Doncaster Doncaster Robin hood airport parking)

auto plate recognition system did not work on entry or I was leaving another customer was trying to get in ,but he also was having problems with the system it was also further from the airport door than you led me to believe

Mr Gregson (Doncaster Doncaster Robin hood airport parking)

Parking spaces were a good size, didn't feel worried about getting car doors knocked by other vehicles.
Number plate recognition didn't work, but a person available through help button to register our arrival and also to allow us to exit

Mrs Doxey (Doncaster Doncaster Robin hood airport parking)

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Overall rating: 84% by 267 guests

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