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Before You Go

Don't sweat the small stuff. We've got your holiday planning sorted.

Cabin Luggage

What are the best ways to pack for a flight?

Beat the airlines with these ten helpful airline baggage tips.

31/07/2017 : thomas.baker

What things should you not take on holiday?

Master the art of packing light and get rid of these little extras that you don't need to take on holiday.

26/07/2017 : thomas.baker
how to sleep on a plane caffeine dog

How to Sleep on a Plane

Having trouble catching 40 winks on a plane? Let some of our canine pals help you travel better. Check out our guide on how to sleep on a plane.

17/07/2017 : thomas.baker
Holiday Extras app

The Best Travel Apps to Use on Holiday

Whether you need something to organise your itinerary or help you pack, these are the best travel apps to use on holiday.

06/07/2017 : georgia.moir
Airline meal sandwich

34 Things You Need To Know About In-Flight Meals

Learn everything you need to know about airplane food; travel better with these '34 things you need to know about in-flight meals' under your belt, from Holiday Extras

26/06/2017 : Daniel.Arthur
Airplane flying in the clouds.

What causes airplane turbulence?

Don't let airplane turbulence ruin your holiday. Travel better with Holiday Extras and fly like a pro with this guide to what causes turbulence on a plane.

22/06/2017 : Daniel.Arthur
Airport lounge dress code.

The Secrets Of UK Airport Lounges

Get the most out of UK Airport Lounges, travel better with Holiday Extras and find out about entry to airport lounges from £15 per person.

21/06/2017 : Daniel.Arthur
Airport Tips

7 Ways To Look and Feel Great After Flying

Flying isn't great for your beauty regime. We run through 7 ways that you can look (and feel!) amazing after a flight - no matter how long or short.

28/11/2016 : harriet.moore
Best airport bars, beer

The Best Airport Bars

Going away this Christmas? We've scoured the UK’s best airport bars for the top tipples available to thirsty travellers during December and beyond.

28/11/2016 : harriet.moore
Plane Spotting Child at Airport

5 Fun Things to Do at The Airport

Even the most seasoned traveller dreads an overcrowded airport. Check out our tips for making airports fun!

28/11/2016 : harriet.moore
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