Anna Divers

Associate Product Director

Anna started her career at Holiday Extras in the commercial team. Then she moved into systems development and her team was responsible for the development of the first Holiday Extras website in 1999.

Involved in the company's e-commerce from the start, Anna progressed to become head of web development in 2005. In 2009, she was appointed head of e-commerce, with responsibility for the the PPC, SEO, email marketing, content and PR teams.

In 2010, Anna undertook a new role as lead of customer innovation - accountable for the optimisation of Holiday Extras' web sites and conversion budget lines. Since then, she had led a team that is developing a new web application for the business, as well as collaborating with third parties and experts. Anna was appointed Associate Customer Innovation Director in 2011 and Product Director in 2015.

Life before Holiday Extras

After achieving A' Levels in English, French and German, Anna took a degree in Travel and Tourism at the then Leeds Polytechnic. After her studies, Anna moved back to Kent where she secured her first job - at Holiday Extras.

Life outside of work

"I have an alter-ego outside of work - although it is equally busy, as I have twin sons to keep me on my toes! When not running around after them, I'm very much at home, pottering, creating my home environment - I have a passion for interiors and doing up houses. My idea of total relaxation involves reading, log fires and the Archers Omnibus - I'm quite a fan. I think it's because I'm from a farming family - my grandfather was a dairy farmer."

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

I love the sun - and am rather partial to luxury villas with private pools. I'm quite obsessive when booking these - my expectations are high! I love nothing more than taking a stack of books and magazines with me and reading by the pool.

I have been spoilt by working at Holiday Extras - so an overnight stay at somewhere like the Sofitel Gatwick or Radisson Stansted to start the holiday is always a must - unfortunately my kids have come to expect these kind of hotels as standard!


People who make a real success of themselves despite personal challenges they may face in life. One of my sons is dyslexic so I'm always reminding him of how this isn't a disadvantage and for him to look to people like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Winston Churchill as inspiration.

In addition, people that make a real difference and are driven to change things; challenge the status quo. In recent history, the likes of Gareth Malone - particularly the work he did with the Boys' School - challenging the way boys are taught in schools today.