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Jim Storey

Corporate Finance Director

My journey so far

I joined Holiday Extras full time in March 2019, although had been working here for a year or so before that on various strategic and M&A projects, including the recent MBO.

Life before Holiday Extras

After graduating from Exeter University, I started my career as a bond trader. It was a baptism of fire working in what can only be described as a dysfunctional school playground. Since then, I've found most work environments blissfully tranquil and unstressful.

A few years later I decided to broaden my experience outside the financial markets & so joined Accenture in their London Strategy team, where I stayed for 7 years before making a move to Deutsche Bank in their Principal M&A and Group Strategy unit, supporting the CEO and Group Board on acquisitions, divestments and key strategic initiatives.

It was a crazy time just as the sub-prime crisis took hold. I worked on deals in the derivative markets, acquisitions of commodities platforms, investments in green energy, managed distressed assets (including a new Casino in Las Vegas - not the typical investment for a German investment bank ...) & developed strategic responses to the market dislocation.

In 2013 I moved to RBS as Head of Strategy for their £30bn Real Estate Finance business - a division which wasn't in great shape post-crisis and needed some serious restructuring to return it to profitability within new risk and regulatory parameters.

And once I'd delivered on that, I quit the corporate world to spend time with my family!

For the past 5 years, before joining HX, I've been freelance consulting, helping companies with acquisitions, strategic reviews, restructurings and capital raising. Clients have included Credit Suisse, Burberry, Bain Capital, News UK, Guardian Media Group, Dow Jones, Lucozade, News Corp Australia and Warner Music. It's been varied and fun(mostly)!

Life outside of work

Married to the wonderful Claire, with 3 amazing kids, we live in Kent about 40 minutes away from the office.

I guess I would describe myself as a wannabe adventurer and action sports junkie.

My biggest passions are surfing and snowboarding - so much so that I started a surf brand a couple of years ago which Claire now runs!

I'm at my happiest when I'm splitboarding and hiking/exploring fresh lines in the high mountains or sitting out the back in the ocean feeling the power of mother nature.

I've had some dodgy moments over the years like surfing over a couple of bull sharks, sitting in the line up with a saltwater croc and getting my leash caught in the reef trapping me underwater. But it hasn't deterred me (ok maybe a little bit!) and I will keep doing it for as long as I can!

Favourite places

I've always loved Australia, after spending a year out there after school teaching young Aussies how to play rugby and cricket (not an easy task as a pom!).

But most of all I enjoy going off grid.

We went to a small island off the north west coast of Sumatra last summer with the kids to do some conservation work, which was incredible. Costa Rica is also up there as a favourite, where we did something similar the year before.

In terms of the mountains, Chamonix is my go-to in the Alps due to the variety of high altitude mountaineering and splitboarding. Northern Iceland is also amazing. Next on the list are snowboarding expeditions to Greenland, Svalbard (Arctic Circle) and possibly Antarctica.