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Expert travel advice
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Unhappy about the service you received on holiday? Not sure what type of travel insurance you need? Perhaps you're feeling anxious about going away with your new partner? Or maybe you're just desperate to find the perfect pair of jeans for your weekend in New York. Well, there's no need to worry.

Choose one of our
holiday travel experts

Holiday Extras' panel of experts can help guide you through the holiday travel maze. We can give you free, expert advice on a range of holiday-related issues from finance and health to relationships, legal, winter/snowsports, fashion and beauty. All you need to do is choose your expert below, visit their page and send your question.

Finance expert

Ask a financial expert for travel advice

Richard Cohen
Financial planner

We want to relax on holiday, not worry about our finances. Financial expert Richard Cohen has advice about planning and getting the most from your holiday budget..

Snowsports expert

Ask an expert for winter sports advice

Antonia Lee Bapty

Antonia Lee-Bapty’s lifelong passion for skiing started on her first trip to the Alps, aged around four. Since then she has skied in many resorts in Europe and North America, and cites Japan as being at the top of her "Where Next?" list.

Health expert

Ask a Doctor for travel advice

Dr. Laurence Gerlis

Whether its holiday jabs, advice about eating and drinking abroad, or medical insurance and sunbathing, Dr Gerlis provides expert advice to help make your holiday a safe and enjoyable one.

Relationships expert

Ask a Counsellor for travel advice

James Rye

Travelling abroad with friends and relations can throw up all kinds of relationship problems. James Rye has advice that can help to make your holiday memorable and stress free.

Fashion expert

Ask a designer for holiday fashion advice

Michele Betzner

Make the most of all the top tips with advice from fashion and beauty expert Michele Betzner. Michelle is passionate about the idea that everyone can look sensational.

Legal expert

Ask a Legal expert for travel advice

Michael Imperato
RJW Solicitors

Legal practice abroad can differ significantly from what you are used to in the UK. Legal expert Michael Imperato offers you helpful advice to help you avoid the potential pitfalls.

Insurance expert

Ask an insurance expert for travel advice

Andrea Clayton

Insurance is an essential element of any holiday. Andrea Clayton, head of insurance at Holiday Extras, can provide expert advice on purchasing the holiday insurance best suited to your needs.