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Take the stress out of Heathrow parking with ACE Meet and Greet.

Fancy adding a touch of luxury to your airport experience? Look no further than ACE Meet and Greet. Choosing this convenient valet package means you don’t have to worry or spend valuable time searching for a parking space or catching a transfer bus with all your luggage. You simply need to drive to the terminal and a fully insured ACE driver will take care of your car while you stroll into check-in. This package truly lives up to it’s name: ace!

When you get back from your trip you can enjoy a speedy getaway as you don’t have to catch a transfer bus back to your car, instead it will be conveniently waiting for you in the same place you dropped it off.

ACE Meet and Greet offer an efficient, reliable service meaning you can enjoy a relaxing holiday knowing your car is in safe hands. Your car will be parked in ACE’s award winning car park equipped with CCTV, perimeter fencing and regular patrols.

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Reasons to book ACE Meet And Greet

  • It's Heathrow's fastest parking service - with no need for transfers!
  • Security fencing, CCTV and regular staff patrols ensure your car is well looked after while you're away.
  • Enjoy VIP parking without the hefty price tag.

Arrival at ACE Meet And Greet

Once you've parked your car and unloaded your luggage, lock your car and check your car in - the desk is located in the lift lobby. Make sure you have your booking reference and return flight details ready to give the driver.

Your car will be photographed and taken to a secure car park by the experienced driver, whilst you walk to check-in - it takes 2 minutes.

Getting to and from Heathrow airport

Arriving at the airport:

Drive to the Short Stay car park to meet your driver - your confirmation will include directions and a postcode for your satnav.

You'll need to give them your booking confirmation and car keys, as well as your return flight information.

From there, it's a short walk to the terminal while the driver parks your car in a secured car park.

Returning to the airport:

Once you've collected your luggage, walk back to the Short Stay car park to collect your car.

On your return to ACE Meet And Greet

You don't need to call the car park on your return unless your return flight has changed. If so, call ACE on 01895 543 535 and choose option 1 to let them know.

- Exit the arrivals hall, turn left and follow the signs for the Short Stay Car Park.
- Take the left-hand set of lifts up to level 4 (the first set of lifts don't stop on level 4).
- Your vehicle will be returned to the "Off Airport Meet & Greet" parking bays.

Please have the card that you were given on arrival to collect your keys from the Handover team. If you do not have this then they will need to see, and take, an image of your passport, which must match the booking name.

If you park for longer than you booked, you'll be charged at a rate of £15 per day. You won't get a refund for any unused parking time.

More information

- It's your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle's road tax is valid, it holds a valid MOT certificate and is roadworthy. If your car isn't legal or safe to drive, ACE won't be able to drive it to the car park, and you also won't be able to get a refund.
- ACE can only take cars that fit into a standard size parking space, which is 2.4m x 4.8m. You'll be charged extra if your car is too large. Minibuses and vehicles with 8 or more seats can't be taken for Meet and Greet services and will cost extra for other packages. To see if ACE can take your vehicle, call us on 0800 093 5478.
- If you're returning to a different terminal, you'll need to call the car park directly, before the day of your booking, to let them know and extra charges may apply. If you don't, you will not be able to change terminals.
- If you park for longer than you booked, you'll be charged at a rate of £15 per day.
- If your return flight plans change call ACE as soon as you can. They need as much notice as possible to get your car ready so you aren't kept waiting. You won't get a refund for any unused parking time.

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 16-02-2018 untill the 23-02-2018, valid as of 17-12-2017