Packing tips for your holiday

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Cabin crew at Virgin Atlantic have recently revealed their top tips for packing to go on holiday.

"Always write a packing list beforehand and follow this list religiously. If it's not on your list, then don't pack it, as you don't need it. When packing always travel light and carry just a few items that can be adapted to create a variety of outfits, with the help of careful accessorizing. Try to roll your clothes instead of folding them as rolling them takes up less room in the suitcase and prevents items from creasing," advises flight service manager, Angela Greener from Brighton.

"Avoid taking pull-along bags as hand luggage and instead use a rucksack as this doesn't allow you to over pack and it is also more practicable as your hands will be free to handle your ticket, passport and other essentials," recommends London-based flights service manager, Joe Bates.

Surrey-based cabin service supervisor, Frankie Harris, has some good practical advice for airline passengers: "Aeroplanes can be quite cold, so carry a pashmina (also great to use as a pillow substitute) and travel in lots of light layers, which are easy to remove or put on and this also saves space in your packed luggage."

London-based cabin service supervisor, Victoria Lewis, has this suggestion which will suit holidaymakers hoping to find a bargain abroad: "If travelling to somewhere that is great for shopping, always pack an extra bag, flat packed so that you can use this to fill with any new purchases."

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In line with Britain's apparent passion for packing, has also commissioned a survey which found that 5% of Brits packing for holidays are neat and tidy - folding and rolling their clothes to make the best of the space - 13% squash far too much in the bags and 9% of us couldn't care less what they arrive with - they just check everything in and hope for the best. Just 4% of holiday travellers underpack, taking very few items to leave plenty of space in their case.

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