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(3 star hotel)
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For comfortable rooms, this hotel’s number one

The Liverpool airport Premier Inn’s rooms are both spacious and modern. For this low a price, you’ll get a comfortable and pleasant space that’s just what you need to put your head down for the night.

All the rooms at the Premier Inn have a desk with built-in power sockets, air conditioning and a flatscreen TV. The double rooms have a chaise longue and a movable bedside table that gives you a more-relaxed place to sit. A built-in, open wardrobe has plenty of shelves and attached hangers for your clothes, along with a full-length mirror and an attached hair dryer near the bathroom. On the shelves you’ll find a kettle, tea and coffee, along with spare, softer pillows you can substitute for the firm ones on the bed. The bed itself is comfortably firm, but very high up. This is to accommodate a pull-out single underneath if you need another bed.

Great-value room, great-value wifi

Wifi is free for the first 30 minutes only, but costs £3 for 24 hours after that, and you can buy with cash at reception or on card through the log-in page. The connection was fast and constant, though you will have to log back in every time you power down your computer.

The en suite is basic, but modern, and has a bath with a shower over it. Hand soap and shower gel come from dispensers on the walls, so no freebies.

The hotel can provide double, twin, triple or quad rooms. All the rooms come with the same double bed, but twins have an additional single bed, while family rooms have a camp bed as well.

Staff were great and no issues. only thing I got wrong was my parking times. Thought I had booked midnight to midnight over a period of 4 days so covering any eventuality of time delays etc. On leaving had to pay extra. Seems there is a whole conversation ( goggle the Question ). When does AM become PM. My fault in not understanding the drop down box.

Mr Birtwistle (Liverpool Premier Inn)

No, everything did not go smoothly. I booked a hotel room the night before flying with long stay parking at the airport. Before I booked I asked your customer service online advisors if the long stay parking covered a two week holiday and I was told yes. Tried to get out of the airport car park today and I was asked to pay £100. This is poor. I have the confirmation email, reference number and online chat record and had to try and prove this to the airport security.

Mr Jones (Liverpool Premier Inn)

The postcode on the confirmation we wrong for the hotel, it took us to the airport where we had to pay £3 because if you take the turning on the roundabout where the sat nav takes you, it goes to the pick up car park.
The hotel is not in walking distance to the airport

Mrs Mcguinness (Liverpool Premier Inn)

We discovered completely by chance a couple of days before our trip that the pick up time to collect our car from the airport was not what we had input when booking and was much earlier than our flight arrival time. We changed this within the timescales stated and fortunately reprinted the details. We were then very upset to be faced with an overcharge of £15 when we tried to tried to exit the car park. This happened to our daughter as well. The change had not been registered with the car park providers. Once we were able to show our paper work we were "released" with no charge but the same thing also happened to our daughter who was travelling in a seperate car. This should never have happened as we both initially input the correct time and both updated within you timescales. We would urge everyone to check their paperwork carefully. Apart from this we were very happy with the arrangements and would use the service again.

Mrs Berridge (Liverpool Premier Inn)

Only one of the three tickets we booked Through holiday extras worked at the parking barriers. The other two tickets said we had underpaid and needed to pay £105 in total to exit the car park which meant going back into the terminal to the machine
I have contacted holiday extras 6 days ago and I am still awaiting a reply!!!

Mrs Park (Liverpool Premier Inn)

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Overall rating: 90% by 859 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 25-11-2018, valid as of 25-09-2018