Upgrades at the Manchester Airport Hilton Hotel

What upgrades are available at the Manchester Hilton Hotel
Holiday Insurance upgrade Hilton family bedroom Fair FX currency card Parking at the Hilton

Here at HolidayExtras.com® we like to do all we can to give you the best holiday experience. So, when it comes to Manchester airport hotels we offer a range of upgrades designed to make it easier for you to get on and off those all-important flights. If you’ve already booked a stay at the Manchester airport Hilton hotel then all you need to do is pick from our list of upgrades to make your airport experience flow by.

Travel Insurance

We know how you like to save both time and money so we’ve put together an insurance package that you’ll love. Make sure you’re covered with more than sun cream while you’re on holiday by adding Travel Insurance to your hotel booking. We offer up to 10 days cover at the same affordable price, no matter how many people are travelling, so you can insure everyone for one low price.

Holiday Money

Make holiday transactions run smoothly with our FairFX prepaid card. Add it to your booking and avoid all the hassle associated with exchanging money and carrying around large amounts of cash. It works just like your debit card, simply top it up online and you can start spending abroad with no hidden charges. With its chip and pin protection it’s a great way to keep your money safe while you enjoy your holiday.

Hotel Parking

If you’re driving to the Manchester Hilton then you’ll be pleased to know that we offer hotel parking packages. The hotel has a secure parking facility so you can be happy that you’ve left your car in a secure place at a great price.

Top tip

Check the proximity to the airport and the road access of all our parking facilities with our map & directions to Manchester car parks. We also have helpful information about Manchester airport including terminal details.