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Available from £3.74 per day or £29.99 per week.

Gatwick parking deals from only £4.59 per day or £36.73 per week. -

Pre-book your parking and not only will you guarantee yourself a space but you will save up to 56% whilst doing so. Holiday Extras have every type of Gatwick Airport parking; whether you’re looking for a Park and Ride car park at Gatwick South or a good deal on Meet and Greet parking at the North terminal, there’s plenty of choice - and what's more, we're never beaten on price.

Our customers rated their airport parking at Gatwick 90% ( 168,533 reviews). Read more Gatwick parking reviews.

Compare our cheapest Gatwick parking deals:

Use our helpful comparison table below to help make your choice easier. Our car parks are sorted by price, so if you're looking to save money on your Gatwick parking, you'll find our cheapest deals at the top of the list.

Car Park Price p/d Price p/w
APH Special offer - all terminals Video £4.59* £36.73*
Cophall Parking Video £4.84* £38.75*
Purple Parking Flexible - all terminals Photos Video Reviews £4.87* £38.99*
Maple Manor Meet and Greet South Photos Video Reviews £7.25* £58.00*
Maple Manor Meet and Greet Video £7.25* £58.00*
Help Me Park Video £7.25* £58.00*
Maple Manor Premium South Video £7.25* £58.00*
Maple Manor Premium North Video £7.25* £58.00*
Just Valet Video £7.75* £62.00*
ABC Meet and Greet Video £7.88* £63.00*
ACE Meet and Greet Video £8.06* £64.50*
I Love Meet and Greet Video £10.00* £80.00*
Airparks Meet and Greet Photos Video Reviews £10.50* £83.99*
Summer Special Photos Video Reviews
Long Stay North Video
Long Stay South Photos Video Reviews

Our Gatwick airport parking is rated 90% by 168533 guests

Cheapest Gatwick Parking

Car park (terminal) Transfer time (distance) Weekly price (daily price)
APH (All) 10 mins (3.8 miles) £53.29 (£6.66)
Cophall Parking (All) 10 mins (2.5 miles) £57.60 (£7.20)
Purple Parking (All) 10-15 mins (2.4 miles) £58.99 (£7.37)
Just Valet Parking 0 mins (0 miles) £98.00 (£12.25)

Terminal parking at Gatwick

Gatwick Airport has a North and South Terminal and our parking options cater for both. The Park and Ride services offer short transfers of just ten minutes, alternatively if a fast and efficient arrival is key, the Meet and Greet packages allow you to pull up at both the North or South terminal and stroll to check-in.

If you're unsure which terminal you're flying from/into, find out now with our quick and easy flight finder.

FREE monorail between Gatwick terminals

Getting between terminals at Gatwick is very easy. A FREE monorail runs between terminals every 3-4 minutes and takes only 2 minutes. So, don't panic if you've booked your airport parking at the wrong terminal - afford yourself a few extras minutes and it won't matter.

If you have booked with Holiday Extras, you can choose to change your booking - Manage my booking.

Gatwick airport parking charges

Gatwick parking prices
1 week Park & Ride £41.35 2 weeks Park & Ride £68.40
1 week Meet & Greet £57.99 2 weeks Meet & Greet £81.99
Hotel & 1 week parking £54.00 Hotel and 2 weeks parking £69.00
0-30 mins Short Stay £3.00 1 hour Short Stay £6.00

Best Parking for the North Terminal

APH Park and Ride is one of our best selling parking products. It's perfect those who are budget savvy as it's our cheapest car park at Gatwick, costing as little as £9.88 per day. It is ideal for anybody flying from the North Terminal as transfers only take a speedy 10 minutes.

Long standing Purple Parking is a customer favourite. Transfers to the North terminal only take 10 minutes and despite its popularity, the price remains low at only £12.12 per day. Check out our Gatwick Purple Parking reviews to see what our customers say.

For just a little extra Just Valet Meet and Greet will collect your car from the North terminal. After checking your car for damage the professional driver will take it to a secured car park for the duration of your holiday, leaving you free to walk 2 minutes to check-in. It's the ultimate in convenience for only £12.50 per day.

Maple Manor Premium North is tailored for those of you who want business like efficiency. For only £13.00 per day you can pull into the Short Stay North car park where a driver will be waiting for you. The stroll to the terminal takes less than 5 minutes.

Best Parking for the South Terminal

Cophall Parking is great choice for Park and Ride users. The easy-to-find location means you can avoid the busy airport traffic, park in a secure, award-winning car park and relax knowing you're only a short 10-15 minute bus journey from the South Terminal. At just £10.62 per day, it's great-value for all of our customers.

Trusted Maple Manor South offers a Meet & Greet package at just £13.37 per day, making it our cheapest Meet & Greet car park at the South terminal and with over 20 years experience it's easy to see why customers keep coming back. Simply pull into the Short Stay car park at the South Terminal, where you will leave your car with your friendly driver. Walk to the terminal in less than 5 minutes and your car will be brought back to the same spot on your return.

Help Me Park is an award-winning Meet and Greet service. Your professional driver will be waiting at the terminal for your arrival and once you've unloaded your luggage you can walk to check-in whilst they park your car for you. You'll be pleased to know that the price is as customer-friendly as the service at only £13.38 per day.

Gatwick Short Stay

There is a Short Stay car park located at both the North and South terminals at Gatwick. Both are located close to the terminal buildings, once parked, you can walk from your car to arrivals or departures. These car parks cannot be booked via Holiday Extras however, for prices and more details please see our Short Stay information.

If you are parking for over 4 hours, instead of using the Short Stay car park which tends to be expensive, you can save money by booking your airport parking in advance with Holiday Extras. Take a look at our options for Gatwick parking at the North or South terminals below, or see what our experts have to say.

Please note: The park and ride prices quoted above are for APH at Gatwick. The 1 week Meet and Greet prices are for Maple Manor parking and the 2 weeks Meet and Greet prices are for Ace Meet and Greet parking. The hotel with parking prices are for the Russ Hill hotel including parking at the hotel.

These are accurate at the time of writing but are always subject to change according to availability on the dates you require and price fluctuations throughout the year. Please enter your dates into the fields at the top of this page for availability and prices for your travel dates.

Short Stay parking at Gatwick

You are no longer permitted to pick-up passengers outside of the North or South terminal doors.

Picking-up at Gatwick: When you want to pick somebody up from the airport you will need to use the Short Stay North or Short Stay South car parks, which charge for up to half an hour and then by the hour.

You can park for free in the Long Stay car park for up to 2 hours, however you will need to board a transfer bus to get to the terminal.

Dropping-off at Gatwick: There are designated drop off zones at both terminals. The North Terminal drop-off is located on the lower level forecourt between the Sofitel Hotel and the multi-storey car park. The South Terminal drop-off is also on the lower level. Both are well signposted as you approach Gatwick.

It can get very busy, so if you'd prefer a longer farewell you are advised to use the Short Stay car park.

If you need to park for any period over 4 hours, our Park & Ride prices start as low as £9.88 per day.

Gatwick Airport Short Stay parking charges
Up to 30 minutes £3.80 30 minutes - 1 hour £7.50
1 - 2 hours £12.00 2 - 3 hours £14.00
3 - 4 hours £18.00 4 - 5 hours £21.00
5 - 6 hours £24.00 6 - 12 hours £38.00
12 - 24 hours £45.00 2 days £90.00
Each subsequent day £45.00

Please note: These prices are correct at the time of writing. You cannot book these car parks in advance with Holiday Extras at the moment; instead, you will need to use the pay machine on site to validate your ticket before you exit the car park.

"Due to the nature of my job, I have to travel a lot and often have tight timescales. The best car park for me is the Short Stay because it's located so close to the terminals. I use the Premium Parking option which means I park on the same level as Departures, just a short walk straight into the terminal."

"It's undoubtedly a convenient way to park, however, there are pitfalls."

"It's an expensive way to park and can get very busy, you might not find a space depending on the time you arrive. The spaces in the older multi-storeys are a very tight squeeze so getting your luggage out can be challenging."

Sean - Commercial Director

Gatwick parking - recommended by those in the know

It's important to book your airport parking with a company you trust. Having made over 4 million bookings last year, a number that is constantly rising, we feel confident in saying we are Gatwick parking experts. Our exclusive deals are the result of 30 years spent developing relationships with only the best car parks at Gatwick. The arrangements we have enables us to offer a whole host of market-beating deals, as well as the reassurance that we are providing products from services we trust.

Gatwick Airport parking options

Being the UK's second busiest airport, the parking services at Gatwick are accommodating and varied. We are sure that our parking portfolio covers every type of our customers' circumstances.

No matter whether it's price, distance or convenience that tops your priority list, our expert advice will help you find the ideal airport parking service.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride at Gatwick has long been a customer favourite, notably for the cheap prices and efficient services.

Prices start from as little as £36.73 per day.

Although most Park and Ride services are Off-airport Gatwick car parks, they are all located near to the airport, they often serve both North and South terminals and have speedy transfer times of approximately 10 minutes.

We provide a number of companies that we recommend to our customers. APH Park and Ride and Purple Parking top the list for both price and simple, efficient procedures. Both services have arrival bays where you simply pull up, unload and hand your keys to the friendly staff who will park for you. Transfers from both services take just 10 minutes to the terminals at Gatwick.

"I have a tendency to lose things, so Purple Parking - Park and Ride at Gatwick is definitely the way to go for me. Why? Because they keep my keys! And, they tell me where it's parked when I get back from holiday."

"I can jet off knowing my car is in the hands of some very friendly and professional people."

"All I need to do is remember to get to the car park about 30 minutes earlier so I can catch a transfer bus that - guess what - they've already organised for me. Simple!"

Madeleine - Production Coordinator

Top tip

We have a Gatwick parking FAQs and Gatwick airport information to answer more questions you might have about your booking or our products. You can also find a complete list of our information pages in our Gatwick parking sitemap.

Meet and Greet

If you are after the ultimate in convenience, look no further than Meet and Greet at Gatwick. They may cost a little more than other services but the hassle-free procedures mean our customers come back time and time again. Pull up at the terminal and stroll to check-in whilst your car is parked for you - it's the perfect way to arrive in style and leaves you with more time to relax at the airport.

Prices start from only £58.00 per day.

We have approved Meet and Greet services available for both terminals with a number of different companies. Gatwick Maple Manor Meet and Greet is often the cheapest and you're guaranteed to be greeted with a smile.

"I regularly use a Meet & Greet service when I am travelling from Gatwick because of the simple service. I have been known to travel with a lot of luggage, so a Meet & Greet service is perfect because it allows me to pull up close to the terminal, where I am met by a chauffeur."

"Using a Meet and Greet always makes me feel like a VIP!"

"I know my car will be taken to a secure car park and looked after by the team. On return, the chauffeur is always punctual and reliable - the main reason why I keep going back!"

Jo - Online Advertising Executive

Top tip

Take a look at where our car parks are located on our Gatwick parking map and directions page. The distance from the airport and transfer times might influence your decision.

Driving down the cost

Price can often be the deciding factor when choosing your airport parking. We are proud of the cheap Gatwick airport parking we have on offer, so much so that you can take comfort in our Never Beaten On Price policy, which promises you won't find a better price for the same product - and if you do, we'll match it. Whilst we know we offer the best prices on the market, we are also confident in guaranteeing that the level of service isn't sacrificed. Take a look at our money saving advice to learn the tricks of the trade.

Keep an eye out for our special offers. They are non-amendable and non-refundable but an excellent way of saving, even more, money. The earlier you book, the more chances you have of taking advantage of one of the reduced prices. A special offer that is proving popular is APH Gatwick Special Offer. One of our cheapest car parks, it offers an excellent, award-winning car park for impressively low prices.

"Working as a travel consultant I get to talk to a lot of our customers. One product that is spoken highly of, time and time again, is the APH Special Offer. Having used this car park myself I can support our customers satisfaction. It's located just 10 minutes from Gatwick and is suitable for both North and South terminals."

"Customers are always impressed with APH's efficient and professional service considering the price they have paid."

"Don't forget, with our special offers you can't amend or cancel, so be sure of your flight details before you book."

Hayley - Travel Consultant

Upgrades to supplement your Gatwick parking

Based on the airport parking products we have on offer you might find it hard to believe that it's possible to improve further on your pre-holiday experience. Our selection of Gatwick parking upgrades certainly do the job. You will find these presented to you once you have selected your car park at Gatwick from our list of quotes.

Our optional upgrades can be tagged onto your booking very easily by clicking on the tick box. They include Gatwick Valet parking, travel insurance, Fair FX cards and Gatwick airport lounges.

Park and stay at Gatwick: If you have an awkward flight time that might involve hitting some rush hour traffic, we strongly recommend you take a look at some of our Gatwick airport parking and hotel deals. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a Gatwick hotel and parking package can make to the days before and/or after your holiday.

Top tip

If you'd prefer something a little more visual, take a look at our Gatwick airport parking photos and videos to help you decide on a product to suit you.

Gatwick hotels with parking

If you have an early flight time or are due to land back late on your return, take a look at our Gatwick airport parking and hotel deals.

Booking an overnight stay at Gatwick doesn't have to be expensive, in fact, quite the opposite. When you compare the price of a weeks parking with our hotel and parking offers, you'll see that the price difference is minimal. When you wake up only 5 minutes from the airport and can swap the time you would have spent on a busy motorway for a full English breakfast, you will soon realise that the extra was worth every penny.

As an example: a week in the Gatwick Long Stay car park will cost around £56 but we have a choice of 10 Gatwick hotels with parking all under £70, parking included!

One of the best deals we have at the moment is for the Ibis hotel with parking just 5 minutes away at Purple Parking. They have an excellent bus schedule and transfers are included in the price. This package is just £65, so for only £9 more, you can choose the time you drive to the airport, sink into holiday mode a day early and wake up at Gatwick with a spring in your step.

* Prices quoted here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. Please search for availability and prices for the dates you require.

Top tip

Check if transfer fees apply: When we combine a hotel with an independent parking provider, the transfers to and from the airport are always included in our price, but the packages with parking at the hotel sometimes require an additional payment for a transfer bus or taxi. We detail this under each hotel information section (having searched for your dates) so it is worth checking this when comparing prices and hotels.

Gatwick parking deals, special offers and money-saving tips

It's fair to say everybody wants to bag a bargain. However, it's one thing finding cheap parking at Gatwick but it's quite another finding cheap airport parking with a car park you can trust.

Holiday Extras make it easy to book cheap, yet reliable parking at Gatwick. We have over 30 years experience so we can assure you that not only are our prices the best on the market, but we also promise that our car parks are trustworthy, safe and secure.

Our money-saving offers are available throughout the year, even during peak seasons so take a quick look at our basic steps below to see how easy it is to book one of our cheap parking rates. We also have a dedicated cheap Gatwick Airport parking page that will help, should you need further advice.

First things first

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We're confident in our prices and won't be beaten

We have scaled the market and to prove the confidence we have in our prices, if you can find the same parking product cheaper elsewhere, we'll match the cost penny for penny. Our Never Beaten On Price Policy guarantees you are getting the best price on the market, so you can feel confident when booking through Holiday Extras.

The earlier you book, the bigger the savings

It's no secret that turning up at a Gatwick car park without prior booking is a costly affair. Undoubtedly the best way to find cheap parking at Gatwick is to book early. Booking early not only ensures the availability will be better but it is also rewarded with extra savings. The earlier you book, the more money you are likely to save. We even made a graph to prove it!

Booking in advance gives you the chance of grabbing one of our special offer prices. These deals are non-amendable and non-refundable but if you're sure your travel arrangements won't change, they are a great way of saving you, even more, money.

Please note: These are accurate at the time of writing but are always subject to change according to availability on the dates you require and price fluctuations throughout the year. Please enter your dates into the fields at the top of this page for availability and prices for your travel dates.

Is cheap best?

The security of our customers' cars is the no.1 priority for Holiday Extras. There is no point in offering cheap prices if we aren't 100% sure we are providing high-quality and trustworthy services. That's why we make sure the car parks we provide not only deliver the best customer service but also the highest levels of security.

We don't doubt that you will find dozens of companies across the Internet offering cheap prices for Gatwick parking, all making promises of low rates and great services; unfortunately not all of them are legitimate. If you have any doubt that it isn't a reputable company, it isn't worth pursuing. The cheap prices do not extend to the repair of your car!

Booking with a company you trust is of utmost importance, you need to be sure you know your car is going to remain safe during your holiday.

"It's becoming all too common for us to hear horror stories of cars that have been left at what is believed to be the safe hands of an airport car park, only to return and find all isn't quite what it seemed."

"Cheap is only beneficial when you know quality isn't compromised."

"When you book with us we guarantee you won't face that nightmare. All of our products are tried and tested to ensure we are 100% happy with the service they provide."

Charlie - Senior Partnership Development Manager

We're not saying all of the cheaper parking options you find are going to result in your car being parked on the side of a road or on somebody's driveway, what we are saying is that you're less likely to get the assurances you get when you book with Holiday Extras. Our years of experience have enabled us to build relationships with only the most trustworthy Gatwick parking providers; if we say your car will be parked in a secure car park you have our word that it will be. You may be able to save a fiver here and there on cheaper parking options but what you won't get are these quality assurances:

  • Free support on the phone, email or live chat
  • 150 experts on hand to take your call
  • Award winning call centre customer service
  • Only the highest quality car parks
  • Products that have been tried and tested
  • Cancellation Charge Waiver
  • No hidden transfer fees

Having 31 years experience puts us in good stead against our competitors. It shows our dedication of not only providing you with Gatwick parking but also exceeding your expectations with price and quality. Our customers come back time and time again to rebook their favourite parking spot, so why not check out our Gatwick customer reviews to hear it from the best critics around.