What is car hire excess insurance?

    To understand what can hire excess insurance is, first of all we need to understand what a car hire excess is. Simply put, a car hire excess is the amount you are expected to pay towards damage and repairs to your rental car, should you be involved in an accident. Though the exact amount varies, some car rental companies can demand up to £2000, for something as little as a scratch on a car door.

    Unfortunately, because of shenanigans in the small print, most people are left with no choice but to pay these exorbitant fees out of their own pocket. This is where car hire excess insurance comes in. For as little as the price of a cup of coffee, you are insured against having to foot these crazy charges on your own.

    Holiday Extras car hire excess insurance works on a reimbursement basis, meaning anything you have to pay in excesses after an accident, we will give back to you.

    Benefits of Car hire excess insurance

    Holiday Extras car hire excess insurance protects you against any unexpected charges from the rental company, should the hire car become damaged, or involved in an accident.

    Our cover includes:

    • Up to £10,000 excess/deposit reimbursement
    • Up to £500 misfuelling cover
    • Up to £500 rental car key cover
    • Up to £500 rental car breakdown recovery
    • Up to £300 personal possessions cover
    • Protection for tyres, windscreen and the upper body of the vehicle.
    • Theft, vandalism, loss or damage to the hire vehicle

    What your car rental company won't cover

    In reality, most car hire companies cover surprisingly little. Most car hire companies won't provide cover for:
    • Car windscreen
    • Any of the cars tyres
    • The underbody of the car
    • Third party liability
    • Worldwide and European cover

    Annual car hire excess insurance

    If you are a frequent traveller and often make use of car hire services, then it's worth considering an annual car hire excess insurance policy, as this could save you money. Annual car hire excess insurance policies will cover you for unlimited trips throughout the year, each trip being up to a maximum of 61 days.

    Daily car hire excess insurance

    If you are purchasing car hire two times or less during the year, then the daily car hire excess insurance is most likely the best option for you. With this type of policy, you only pay for each day of your car hire period. The daily car hire excess insurance policy, is used for single trips, for a maximum of 31 consecutive days.

    European and Worldwide cover

    Our car hire excess insurance is valid both in Europe and further afield*, meaning that wherever you are in the world, you can rent a car in full peace of mind, knowing that we've got your back should anything happen.

    Making a claim

    To make a claim on your car hire insurance policy, there are a few things you will need, but overall the process is simple and straight-forward. Here's what you need to make a general claim:

    • Your original policy schedule, vehicle rental agreement and travel documents showing the dates and times of travel
    • Original bills or invoices you are asked to pay
    • Original receipts and accounts for any out-of-pocket expenses you have to pay
    • A copy of the driving license of the person driving the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

    *The only countries excluded from our cover are Afghanistan, Belarus, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe (as well as any destinations to which the government advises against travel).