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Car Park 3 at Prestwick Airport

keep keys
per day
2 minutes
to the airport
customer rating

Looking for ultra convenient, budget Prestwick airport parking? You're in the right place. Car Park 3 boasts some of the cheapest prices throughout the year because it's a little bit further away from the terminal than some of the other options at Prestwick. Don't worry though, it's still only a 5 minute walk to check-in via the railway station walkway!

Reasons to book Car Park 3

  • It's a short walk to check-in.
  • You park your car yourself and you can keep hold of your keys.
  • The car park has CCTV and regular patrols.
  • The car park is on the airport grounds.

Arrival at Car Park 3

Drive up to the entry barrier, where your registration will be automatically recognised. The barrier will then lift, but if there are any issues press the intercom button for assistance. Make sure you don't take a ticket from the barrier, as you will be charged again for your parking.

Park in any space, keep hold of your keys and take the short 5-minute walk to check-in.

Getting to and from Prestwick airport

Pull up to the barrier and it will recognise your number plate, park in any space and walk to check-in.

It's a short stroll to the terminalso you'll be there in less than 5 minutes.

Although Car Park 3 is within walking distance to the terminal, we recommend taking a look at one of our closer options for passengers with reduced mobility.

On your return to Car Park 3

Walk back to your car from the terminal and drive to the exit barrier, where the barrier will automatically lift.

If you have stayed later than your booked date you will need to pay for any additional time at the machine located by the exit barrier.

More information

- Make sure you bring your booking reference with you.
- The car park operates an automatic vehicle recognition system - make sure you have provided your correct vehicle registration or you may be refused entry on arrival.

Car Park 3 Address

Car Park 3,
Glasgow Prestwick Airport


Longitude -4.61051
Latitude    55.50927

Satisfactory service - easy to follow instructions, parked the car, went on holiday - same scenario on our return home.

Mr Blackie (Prestwick Car Park 3)

The barrier would not lift for our car to leave the carpark. We were stuck for 10 minutes trying to call the number that was listed on the booking reference but it was out of hours. Finally after many attempts a staff member contacted us through the gate speaker and we could leave.

Ms Miller (Prestwick Car Park 3)

I paid £60 for 10days parking.I dropped my wife who is disabled at the terminal & had topay £2 +another £2 on return.I think tjis is unfair.

Mr Broadfoot (Prestwick Car Park 3)

On arrival reg. number not recognised and no apparent signage from car park 3 over to terminal.Foolishly we took to the road over a roundabout!! When we got to check in we were shown that there was an overhead walkway, so thankfully we used it on our return.but even then signage was so bad.On leaving car park reg was still not recognised and we held up cars behind .All in all not as good service as in other parks.

Mr Mclachlan (Prestwick Car Park 3)

Had no problem using car park 3 at Prestwick other than the park was busy , meaning we had a long walk back to the terminal. with luggage I would recommend leaving luggage with one passenger at the entrance while the driver goes to park the car. The carpark is exposed to the elements which could be uncomfortable if wet and/or windy

Mr Haining (Prestwick Car Park 3)

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Overall rating: 92% by 700 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 18-08-2019, valid as of 18-06-2019