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Customers' Awards 2011

Category 2011

Best Airline Cabin Crew


Tell me about Flybe

Founded as Jersey European in 1979, Flybe streamlined its brand name in 2002 in a fiercely competitive low-cost airline market. The airline is now one of the UK’s leading carriers, flying to 13 European countries via more than 200 routes. The company sets ambitious reliability and punctuality standards, aiming to operate 99% of their schedule as well as 90% of aircraft to arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. These figures are well above industry standards and expectations, and they clearly demonstrate Flybe’s service quality principals.

What’s special about Flybe’s cabin crew?

Excellence in service is not something many would typically associate with low-cost air travel. However, this is precisely what Flybe’s cabin crew strive to provide for all their customers, whether business or leisure. A comprehensive knowledge of what the airline offers is at the heart of the cabin crew’s task; as understanding the core values of the company helps provide the best team service. Among those values are professionalism, consistency, convenience, reliability and of course value for money - what more could you ask for?

Has Flybe won any other awards?

In 2010 the company was named Europe’s Number One Regional Airline and the World’s Number One Independent Regional Operator by Airline Business magazine. Best Environmental Contribution and Best Short-Haul Airline accolades were also awarded in the same year.